[REPORT] fraDAO Report June

Guild : Atelier Techne Studio


Report: Presential Workshop Mint music and video-art at Near’s marketplace - fra-DAO - june - 2022

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Status: in progress

Project members :

@frado frado.near

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@raissalaban raissa.near

project link: [PROPOSE] Presential Workshop Mint music and video-art at Near's marketplace - fra-DAO - JUNE - 2022

Firstly, we would like to emphasize our recognition and gratitude to Near, without you our DAO would not be possible.

During 30th and 03 of July, ​​We were invited by the international event NFT Rio, to represent a DAO from NEAR protocol, and it was very important to talk about the NEAR brand and NEAR protocol, including about the Mintbase store explaining about how real-world acquisitions using NFT and other forms of NFT usability, such as selling services.

We realize the need to resume face-to-face contact, once the pandemic has eased, since, when it comes to welcoming artists in technological vulnerability, face-to-face assistance is essential.

We created the Strato gallery, which in Greek means layer, with the aim of building, step by step, our digital structure, composed of people who are on the margins of this transition.

Our in-person workshop at Zeca’s Bar took place under the hostess Rosana, a composer and singer who presented us with some live songs, in moments of a jam session with the guest musicians.

We held 3 evening meetings, to the sound of live music and where in one of these meetings, we met Letícia Carvalho, actress, singer and professor at the public theater college here in Rio de Janeiro, Uni-Rio. We then realized that one place took us to another, because Letícia introduced us to the music teacher at Uni-Rio, Thiago Trajano, who was excited about our project and fra_dao.

We decided that the other half of the meetings that would take place at Zeca Bar will take place at the Faculty of Performing Arts and Music, where many students will receive our assistance through 4 face-to-face meetings to create portfolios, explain the decentralized web and learn authentication in our Strato store. , focused on video art and music, precisely the Uni-Rio audience: we were very happy with this unexpected turn of meeting multiplier agents!

In addition, we were also invited to present fra_DAO and talk about the web decentralized by NADA (Digital Art and Animation Center) at PUC-Rioa biggest University, by the laboratory coordinator, Claudia Bolshaw.

We came to the conclusion that we are going to engage people through academic spaces as well, in addition to Bohemia.

In conjunction with this we are starting the process of music production, recording the sound elements, making the mint to be used within the workshop that is in the onboarding and explanation period.

We are very impressed by how the class of musicians are completely unaware of what NFT is.

We are currently doing something unplanned which is to level these musicians that are with zero knowledge, in blockchain, token, NFT and Web 3. We are amazed at this hole in knowledge, they are very far away from the knowledge of graphic artists.

I’ve been in music since I was 5 and I know a lot of musicians, so I’m very impressed with their lack of knowledge of Web 3. It’s a lot of hard work but I won’t give up


Adding educational and transparency for workshop:

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pdf Manual:

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Video about mint in amplify NEAR MUSIC AMPLIFY:
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Videos support about workshop music production workshop in NEAR Dapp Endless.fm:


Contract for all artists:

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