[OPEN CALL] Creatives DAO Moderators - 5 Positions Open

See you there!:heart::fire: @Ligaya

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Great job fam! Sky is the limit!

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Thanks @sterryo , goodluck to you too​:heart:

Hi, I’m interested in contributing to the teams performance. Who do I contact privately?
Thanks! awaiting your response.

Great work! I must say that you are a very passionate creative, and you would be a great fit for the position

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Hello and good afternoon.
Greetings, My name is Emmanuel (aka skthealternator). I’m a music producer and a student at the University of Benin in Nigeria. University Of Benin


Telegram: @skthealternator

Near Wallet

My experiences:

Previous successful proposals at BeatDAO

Successfully written Proposals and reports by me

Finally, because I’m passionate about the crypto space, I’ve co-hosted blockchain conferences on campus. I’d like to contribute my quota to the team while also expanding my web3 knowledge and experience.
As a creative DAO Mod, I believe I’d be able to accomplish all of this while working with the incredible team.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate :white_heart:

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You’re perfect for this brother :100::100:


You got this bro! Let’s go :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thank youu so much…much appreciated :white_heart:


Thank youu so much…I really appreciate :white_heart:

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your passion and drive to work is very superb, I’m rooting for you
on this one.

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Dear Creatives DAO,

It’ll be my pleasure to contribute to this DAO if you need someone with my credentials.
Academic background in Computer Science, Politics, Economics & Literature as well as a career composer/musician for 2 decades experienced with major and and less major labels. In the crypto space as an enthusiast since 2017 and Near DAOist for about a year. Wishing everyone the best in this selection process. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Fellow NEARians, Hope you all are doing great! I have been waiting for open councils position since long after I unfortunately didn’t get chance to apply earlier in Creatives DAO Councils due to lack of council role in DAOs.

Starting with my introduction, I am Zubair from NEARverse. A NEARian since a year and been active with activities mainly Community management, Social media management and Degen.

I have started my journey in NEAR with NEAR Meme Daily and then got chance to work into projects like Open Forest Protocol, NEAR NFT Club, CURA, Friendlyseacreatures, Onboarding DAO, Community DAO, UniqArt, RAIZ (Vertical Farms), NEAR Design Guild and running Instagram account (@nearprotocolnews) under Instagram Campaign > https://gov.near.org/t/april-report-instagram-community-accounts/20899

I am currently one of the councils in Onboarding DAO, Community DAO, Meme Daily Services & NEAR Design Guild (As a team).

I have managed to run an Instagram campaign for NEAR successfully on India’s Biggest Digital Media Company, RVCJ Media which resulted in eye catching of millions through the campaign >


I am a part of Onboarding DAO so been active on the forum in creatives DAO category but my major posts are in Marketing DAO category. I have been active on the forum since long and gained experience after reading many proposals, read their reports and shared my views as well to contribute more to the NEAR Ecosystem. Here’s my profile link and screenshot ~


I am a Ninja by stats gallery :pinched_fingers:t2::relieved:, Here’s the screenshot:


NEAR Wallet : zubairansari.near
Telegram : @zubairansari07
Discord : zubair#2983

This sums up my experience in NEAR Ecosystem, Would be happy if I get one the the Creatives DAO councils position and experience new things. Thanks for the opportunity @creativesdao-council :heart::pinched_fingers:t2:

May the force be NEAR with you! :four_leaf_clover:


Hello Creative DAO Mods and my fellow NEARIANS,

I wish to apply for the Creative DAO Moderator and to build and develop the NEAR Ecosystem in a more Creative way possible with the existing experience I have in NEAR and with its so well-established ecosystem. I want to apply for Creative Dao to learn and experience more.

I am Rahul. I am in NEAR and its ecosystem for almost a year now and in the crypto space for the past 5 years now.

Let me start with my current position which I am working on:

  1. I am currently working as a NEAR Moderator under the ConciergeTeam Project (Team Members) where we do community management for NEAR Telegram, Discord, and Reddit, onboard new projects in NEAR, and help them to meet any kind of struggle they face at the time of their development and deployment and manage different guilds too.

Here we can read more about NEAR Concierge Initiative
Our work can be verified from the shoutout we received from NEAR Core member: Link
And Currently, we have a Net Promoter score of 8.92 which we are planning to increase to 9+: Link

Along with this, I worked with the Merchant group as a Moderator: Merchant Telegram Group, the Official Price discussion guild of NEAR, and with time I joined the team as a council member: Link.

and also currently I am working as Telegram Lead with Open Forest Protocol (OFP), their Website and Telegram Group
A little bit about OFP:
The Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is changing how forestation (reforestation, afforestation, and conservation) projects are monitored, verified, and funded with blockchain technology.

My Telegram ID: @rahulgoel007

NEAR wallet address: rahulgoel.near
Stats Gallery:

Here is my forum profile: Link

Here is my first post on the forum: Link

Here is the Discord Latest Biweekly report from the ConciergeTeam: Link

Here is the Telegram Latest Biweekly report from the ConciergeTeam: Link

Here is the approval proposal of Merchant Guild which I am part of: Link all thanks to @FritzWorm

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with the community and I would be happy to be part of an amazing DAO and experience and learn new things with the team. @creativesdao-council


Hello everyone, hope you having a great day!

My name is K and here is my Telegram handle → @kc_pesce (also similar to Discord).

A little background about me, I am from Philippines and been here on NEAR since last year. Passionate about community, be it building or ministering it and I always find myself indulged to creative projects. Loves being in service and always try to see people in equal manner and a massive advocate of decentralization. A firm believer of the saying cooperation rather than competition.

Given the knowledge I learned and collect throughout my time here in NEAR ecosystem, I am here to express my interest to become part of this open call. This is to aid people/projects that needs guidance, help build the foundation of the Creatives - starting from here that will foster a sustainable future for creative people and this DAO.

Projects I am part of:

Project Role Duties
Shroom Kingdom Council Accelerated partnerships, on-chain or off-chain
Participate on voting and deliberation of important topics that needs council attention
Onboarding DAO Council Council weekly calls to talk about future plans and executions
Deliberation and forum review of projects that are worthy of DAO’s assistance
Filipino Artist Guild Council Facilitated community calls & AMA
Constructed approved monthly funding and some of previous reports
Counseled upcoming plans - whether or not it can help the guild to grow
friendlyseacreatures Council & Community Manager Making sure that the team is well-coordinated and schedules are being followed
Identify community needs and creating suloutions through team effort
Secure partnerships together with the Founder
NEARWEEK Translator Translate recent articles to my mother tongue
NEAR Design Guild Project Manager Responsible for hiring people
Coordinating projects to the guild
Involve with important guild decisions
Tamago Growth Led the influencer & ambassador outreach
Open Forest Protocol Lead - Content team Creating and planning timely contents together with the team
Take part on important meetings and planning with other leads
CURA DAO Community Management & Artist Outreach Assure that the community is engaging and free of frauds
Reaching out to people that shares similar interest as the project
NEARCrowd (English) Community Moderator Making sure that the project and people are in sync and connected, free of disputes
O.W.S. Mentorship Program Mentor Sharing my knowledge to people that aspires to take the similar field

Successful proposals made and followed the Creatives’ guidelines:
[APPROVED] Filipino Artist Guild Budget Overview for March
[Approved] Filipino Artist Guild Budget Overview for April
[APPROVED] Filipino Artists Guild Funding Request - MAY 2022 - Overview


Forum profile:

Thank you everyone for taking a look with my application and thank you for this opportunity to be able to express the willingness not just on moderation but also with the great desire to contribute consequentially.

Good Luck to succeeding Creative Mods :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah i envy theme too :hugs: A lot of application and its seems dedicated.

Same as mined too if you asked me in my status gallery. Just only level 8 :sweat_smile: but i hope we can work here also someday if we can be able to be like them., We will grow our self and learn more things.

Im also Crypto enthusiasts since 2014 but this is really the best hard trial i get joining in NEAR Community and its really challenging for me to be part of it not just learning blockchain world but you meet a lot of different people here. You really learn a lot from them by exploring it and giving a value to everyone’s voice.

But i guess your not really seing people just by his profile but for his dedication too. So goodluck to all participants :hugs:


I’m Woodward Forest-Lich. @wolfwoodShinji -TG

I’m a mod and a member of NxPublish dao and moderated OFP, Corpsmen, NxP and Friendly Sea Creatures chat along with all related rights and responsibility therein. i speak spanish and english and can read both while I’m learning french german Portuguese and Japanese


wow thats cool japanese. :star_struck: learning their words lettering is not so easy actually. i learn korean languages took 1 month before to catch up other words too. :hugs: but my special skills speaking was arabic. :blush:

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Hello all!

First and foremost, I would just like to thank everyone for their applications. It has been really encouraging to see the interest and enthusiasm as the community continues to grow and evolve.

After reviewing all of the applications and internal discussions, the @creativesdao-council have come to a final choice based on some basic criteria including the following: Trust, Diversity, NEAR overall experience, Creatives DAO experience & Council Experience.

We’re very happy to announce that the following people have been chosen to represent the Creatives DAO as moderators for the coming 6 months:

Thank you all once again for your participation and we’re looking forward to getting started with the transition with the new moderators.

  • The Creatives DAO moderators