[REPORT feb/mar] EFAM DAO report NFT's for Unhoused Residents

Project Name: NFT’s for unhoused Residents

Project Status: [Completed]

Project Accounting:

$300 Photography : Shooting / Editing (2-4 leaders profiled)

$200 Audio Recording / editing

$200 Wallet Onboarding for featured leaders (to implement and teach)

$200 NFT minting / Mintbase Gallery Creation (to implement and teach)

$500 Participation Stipend for unhoused resident leaders

Updated Project Timeline:

2/15/22 Photography Completed

3/6/22 February Funds, 188.3086 NEAR, received

3/15/22 Audio Recording Completed

3/25/22 Wallet Creation

3/28/22 Mintbase Gallery Creation

3/29/22 Funds Sent to EFAM DAO CashApp via transfer.io for IRL payments

4/7/22 NFT minting & galelry creation


We are excited to report that we successfully onboarded 5 [Completed] 6th [coming soon ] unhoused aka “homeless” participants into the NEAR ecosystem. These are people who are traditionally marginalized and excluded from fiat banking systems. Many of them do not have bank accounts. They learned and shared about blockchain technology, alternative economies and the NEAR ecosystem including a hands-on tour of gov.near.org, AstroDAO. and lessons on how to access and manage their near wallets.

  • we are having a challenge minting the full length mp4’s on MintBase and are currently working to rectify this problem

Theocedarjones.near theo

Kingh3o.near henry

Judemurgacz.near JUDE



Check out some highlights from this process in our IG post below: Login • Instagram

Check out or MintBase store, more NFT’s coming soon !



  1. It is important to have patience while working with this population as most people have barriers to accessing email and technology in general.
  2. Our technology is a barrier. Trying to do basic things like onboard, mint and most of all edit video content while using a 1O plus year old laptop with broken keys and limited function is a TRUE challenge and adds a lot of extra time and barriers.
  3. Our knowledge of how to navigate Mintbase is proving a challenge and we look forward to growing our capacity in that platform.

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Hey EFAM dao, I’ve requested access to the google drive above :slight_smile:

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