[REPORT] EST Boxing Day January 2024

I. General Info

Svara DAO on Astra ++

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[Approved for $5000] Svara DAO - Funding Proposal for January & February - 2024

Project Report

Project 1 Sports and entertainment EST Boxing Day January 2024

Svara DAO & EST for this event carries the banner of Creatives DAO in collaboration and partnership with TokoCrypto (related to Binance). We present Indonesian boxer Daud Yordan “Professional boxer from Indonesia who became world champion twice according to the IBO boxing body, he was champion in the featherweight and lightweight classes”.

The event will be held on the 26th (health check, weight) & 27 January 2024 (match)

This match was attended by 90 boxers in 45 matches

We managed to onboard visitors with 358 new near wallets, a total of 414 people in the El Salvaje building.

walletlist.pdf (31.2 KB)

AMA “Ask Me Anything” & Education session about NEAR Protocol

@derymars - Thank you for being with us for 2 years bro

And this is Derymars’ last event as a council at Svara DAO, because now he is one of the councils at Globe DAO


Onboarding people

In this event there was a slight problem with Claiming NFT from shard.dog, visitors here could not claim NFT and could not access shard.dog, we together with one of the team from Paras had tried to find a solution, but the error was still https://

And we go directly to https://meteorwallet.app/ without using shard.dog, maybe this problem only occurs in Indonesia :slightly_frowning_face:

Presenting Referees from the Indonesian National Sports Committee

Account Reached on Instagram








Boxing match

Arkana Raffle Winner

Thank you for your support @Aescobar & terrance from Paras Team

Thank you for the support @creativesdao-council


I’m really happy to see the successful onboarding campaign of the martial arts community into NEAR. Your coordination @Wiswiz is at the highest possible level, as always!


Well done @Wiswiz :100: I personally know the challenges you faced making this happen. It’s unfortunate that the Shard dog claim didn’t work, but it’s all a part of the learning experience and I hope that the team @joe-rlo @jarednotjerry are aware of this.

With all those wallets created it would be great to see how Svara can retain and activate them! Any ideas?


EST Boxing match videos