[REPORT] Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia | DAOrecords | Week 1 & 2 | May 2022

Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia (Week 1 & 2)
Here are the reports for the SoundSplash Weekly Trivia from Week 1 & 2. Apologies I must say for the same reason I missed on the first week report as the Daily Quizzes. Both the first & second trivias went live 12 hours before the actual SoundSplash event which was at 10.00 pm Malaysian time until 12.00 pm the next week of Tuesday; the first Trivia (May 4th - May 10th, 2022) & the second Trivia (May 11th - May 17th, 2022).

Trivia Questions & Answers
Week 1

Week 2

Week 1 Winners
larrsfiaskid.near answered 4 questions correctly
johnwike.near answered 4 questions correctly

Week 2 Winners
larrsfiaskid.near answered 3 questions correctly
sebga.near answered 2 questions correctly
johnwike.near answered 2 questions correctly

Winners will received an exclusive Headliner’s Artist NFTs (As shown in the examples below) which was created by @Ligaya which will be minted and airdrop to the winners on Mintbase. I did mentioned previously on my reports that it will be minted on Paras but due to the fact that Paras doesn’t have an actual store I can’t be added as minter since it connect directly from the owner’s NEAR Wallet so after a discussion and later agreed by DAOrecords Operations [Founder] @vandal, the best option is to use Mintbase as the medium to airdrop the reward to the winners.

Week 1 NFTs

Week 2 NFTs

Also as agreed with Ligaya on my May’s Proposal on the commission, the payment will be made weekly (1.25N x 4 = 5N) and I personally $NEAR for the time being to pay her (2 weeks for the month of May).

Total requested funds: 2.5 N

cc :: Operations [Founder] @vandal
[APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - May 2022]([APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - May 2022


Submit the proposal to the DAO brother @Sleezy_Moss

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