[REPORT] Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia | DAOrecords | Week 4 | May 2022

Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia (Week 4)
Here is the report for the SoundSplash Weekly Trivia from Week 4. The forth trivia went live 12 hours before the actual SoundSplash event which was at 10.00 pm Malaysian time until 12.00 pm the next week of Tuesday; (May 25th - May 31st, 2022).

Trivia Questions & Answers
Week 4

Week 4 Winners
larrsfiaskid.near answered 2 questions correctly
chrisjulius.near answered 2 questions correctly

Winners will received an exclusive Headliner’s Artist NFTs (As shown in the examples below) which was created by @Ligaya which will be minted and airdrop to the winners on Mintbase. As of thus, the rewards are still pending to be airdropped; waiting for DAOrecords Operations [Founder] @vandal to add me as a minter in the DAOrecords mintbase store.

Week 4 NFTs

Also the payment for @Ligaya commission for Week 4 has been sent.

Total requested funds: 1.25 N

cc :: Operations [Founder] @vandal

[APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - May 2022