[REPORT] DAOrecords Monthy Recap | August-22

DAOrecords Report for August 2022

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Team members on-chain: 8

DAOrecords Website - https://www.daorecords.org/

DAOrecords Product - Fono Root

Proposal for August - [APPROVED] DAOrecords Budget | August-22

Completed August objectives
August Releases

Creative content made by DAOrecords in August (SoundSplash artists post support)
Additional activity in August

Summary and updates:
August was a busy and fruitful month. DAOrecords managed to release Arturo Sandoval’s latest album via FonoRoot, and so far it was our biggest release. In addition, we had been continued to promote SoundSplash artists’ music, which we released in the last couple of months. A few members from the DAOrecords team participated in NFT Conference in Malaysia, spreading the gospel about crypto music!
Works on DAOconsole and artists’ royalty system are in progress, currently, we are testing things internally.
In September, two DAOrecords’ team members will be available at NEARcon, also we’re going to have another release - TROACO. More details will be shared soon, follow us on Twitter or join our community on Discord or Telegram → DAOrecords | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch | Linktree.

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Special thanks to CreativesDAO for supporting DAOrecords and independent artists from all over the world :pray: