Hello @creativesdao-council and everyone in this great Forum, may I also use this opportunity to congratulate the Newly Approved CAPITAL-GUILD, it’s members and it’s Council @Royaltyjoy @ELKHUSH and my humble self @Sammiee

I am samson Chukwu an active member and Creative in the Near Ecosystem, a Team builder and a contributor, I am an active member in the social platforms of various DAOs and Guilds in the Near Ecosystem, I am the Current discord moderator for the NXM,
By way of commitment and community growth I have played Vital roles in the planning and execution of Events and Projects to further spread the reach of Near to more people in my Country of residence and even outside of my region.

I have played a role in events like, @sterryo album lunch, C1/NXM Near Tour alongside @Dedeukwu @JCB , C1 workshop, attend events on the Metavers and an active member in various community calls including that of the CreativesDAO.

Recently I Recorded and minted my EP titled CAPTURED https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-captured-the-ep/17171 in the NXM Mintbase store https://www.mintbase.io/thing/To1gWksVFEfOBpQxNqhgZZR-srR5ub12ZA36HUeFBbU:nxm.mintbase1.near
It’s a 3 song EP which also featured Artists and a producer in the Near Community.

As a member of the Capital Guild and as we start off Our guild, we are looking to also Deploy our mintbase store and we have already began plans for our website, and as a new community we will be needing NFTs to be minted in our store as we Lunch in this May also following our community Roadmap.

Thus the Project of Creating Art in the Categories of (Painting, sculpture and Pencil Art)
In this project I will be working with some community members also using the opportunity to Train and onboard new members into Capital-guild whom together we will create;


Pencil Art

Please be advised that the above photographs are used as illustrations to better explain what the project intends to achieve.

The production process will be recorded and photographed by a camera crew, And all Arts created will be Minted as NFT in the Capital-guild Mintbase store, this project is Targeted to kick off on the 10th of MAY and the recording done on the 12th of MAY 2022 so as to be ready and minted


Artists Pencil Art/ Sculpture/ Painting: $300
Camera crew/Editing: $370

Total: $670

Target: sammiee.near

This proposal is made available following the request and community guidelines of submitting proposals as advised by @ted.iv


Hey @Sammiee , can you just clarify if this project is going to be undertaken by you (ie. you will create the artworks) or by other artists, as it’s not very clear to me. Also, are these photos of your works?

Worth noting that no NEAR value is needed in the forum proposals for now, just the equivalent dollar value. Thanks

Thanks for the response

The above are not my work and I stated it in the proposal

They are samples to show what we will be achieving from the project.

I am not an artist but will be working with a team of artists in this project, They have been informed and are ready, “That again is a reason for the $300 bounty for the team creating” as also stated in the proposal above it will also be a opportunity to train and guide them to not only create NFTs but to also Manage their craft

I hope I have been able to answer clearly
Thanks again

I saw this line but was unsure as to who did produce the artworks, they are just found artworks?

Ok, thanks for clarifying, do you have some links to these artists or it has yet to be decided who they will be?


The person who is done this painting https://gov.near.org/uploads/default/original/3X/4/a/4a86fa13d3be75948d065e21359a90052bd17159.jpeg
Is a web 2 artist who is been onboarded and again is been brought up to speed about the web3 and this project will be his First with the Ecosystem.

The remaining photographs where sourced from google just as a way to explain what we will be trying to create “which does not stop us from using other forms of sculpture art “wood,metal,etc” to achieve our set goals”

More persons who we know on ground have been contacted regarding this project and will be their entry point into the community also.

A link to one of the artists who will be working with us on this Project Login • Instagram

Let me also use this opportunity to mention that the Arts created will also be made available as Physical unlock able once the minted NFT is collected.

I hope I have been able to better clarify even more?
Thanks @ted.iv

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Thanks for clarifying @Sammiee !

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so
I appreciate :heart: