[Report] Creating utility with NFT

Despite the uncertainty in the month of July, our newly onboarded visual artists did not relent in creating physical NFTs of arts for the following themes:

  1. Dedicated art to victims of Ukrain and Russia war

  2. Dedicated art to world peace

  3. Dedicated art to climate neutral change.

Near x art store on mintbase

Videos clips for the artwork produced.

  1. Near x art Dao members introduction - Youtube

  2. Dedicated art to world peace - video

  3. Dedicated art to the victims of Ukraine and Russia war

  4. Dedicated art to world peace - video

  5. Climate neutral change - video

  6. Shine like a gold - video

  7. Freedom again - video clip

  8. Video clip

We took some of the artworks to the web 3 delight event to attract prospective collectors. Although some have reached out but they are yet to collect the NFT of arts.

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Great works. its great to see the exapnsion of near many communities in african countries

The Near x art represent the near ecosystem well! Kudos!

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