[Proposal] Utility NFT

Please kindly check our report on creating utility project for July here

This month, the project is going to take another phase. We would be working with 5 new artist in creating arts on the following

• Realistic artworks
• Wood collage
• Hyperrealistic painting

List of materials needed but not limited to the following:

  • Stretcher
  • Prime
  • Canvas material
  • Oil paint
  • Frame
  • Wood
  • Hong brush
  • Stable brush
  • Linseed oil
  • Canvas
  • Iroko Wood
  • Venial Wood

Production cost: - $250 This cost will include cost of materials and time spent in creating the works.

Reward for artists - $250 ($50 for 5 artists) We will be working with five new artists in total and we will be rewarding each artists with $50

Videoshoot - $200: We will be shooting a crystal clear video as usual. The amount is lesser than what was usually requested for because of the decrease in the number of artists for this month.

Total- $700

Please feel free to ask questions on anything that may seem unclear.

We are happy to receive your support as usual.

Near x Art.