Creation of a 5 track Musical Compilation {APRROVED}

Proposal for C1 Guild
Project Title: Black and White; The Musical Compilation
Duration: June 1st - 30th

About Me: My name is Mayowa Fatokun aka Big M, I am a music lover and maker and i have collaborated with a number of notable individuals in this ecosystem minting all the songs recorded.

I produce, write and sing/rap.

Introduction: Music is a spirit and also a tool. A tool in the hands of people who compose and sing. One major way by which this ecosystem is making news daily is through music activities in it and daily more creatives from different part of the world ate trooping in to enjoy the benefits the ecosystem has to offer.

Project: Black and White
The project title is called ‘Black and White’.
This is a musical compilation that talks about the unity of mankind. We want to use music especially this collaboration of artistes to preach the unity and oneness of all mankind regardless of race.

'It just doesnt matter whether you are ‘black or white’

What we preach is love.

Collaborators: i would love to feature @Dedeukwu @reespect @JCB_1985 @boy_chula so we can make it a five artiste compilation and at the end of production, the songs will be minted on the C1 guild.

We will be making use of @Omega Digi - World as the official production studio.

Funding: We request $900 in Near which will be spent thus:
Mixing and Mastering of 5tracks: $300
Graphics: $100
Dedekwu: $100
Reespec: $100
JCB: $100
Boy_chula: $100
Big M: $100

Total: $900

50% (450USD) of the funds for commencement of project and 50% (450USD) after completion



This gonna be a blast bro :fire::fire::skull:

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Yes bro
I can’t wait actually

this is very exciting!!! i’m down for it. :fire:

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Actually anticipating this project :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:

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Its gonna be huge bro
Can’t wait for it to be approved top

Yes yes
Been waiting for a chance to get you on a track too

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Hey @BigM007 can you please mark this as approved. We will add it to our monthly proposal for the Creatives consideration. Thank you.


Thanks brother, really appreciate it