[REPORT] BiWeekly Telegram Report (June 1-16)

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Hope you’re doing well in the past few weeks.
Sharing here the Telegram Report for June 1-18

Previous BiWeekly Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here’re our top members:

Overview of Statistics from June 1-18:

Total Members 57.6K>>>>>60.3K

Total Posts 467K>>>>>491K

Viewing Members 9K>>>>>12K

Posting Members 1K>>>>>2.8K

Even the crypto markets seems pretty bearish right now but our group stats shows we’ve been growing positively!

Huge part behind this growth can be recent ONTO Wallet Giveaway which was arranged with help of @HaiVu from Project Ops.

Before moving on to Community Events hosted by Concierge Team, there’s a new guide for Wallet Creation that can help smoothen the onboarding experience of your friends :slight_smile: Please feel free to use and share it. HOW TO: Create a NEAR Wallet?. Hello NEARians! | by Vikash | Jun, 2022 | Medium

AMAs and Events Hosted By @ConciergeTeam

Community Events

• Meme Monday
Announcement | Winners [May 30]
Announcement | Winners [June 6]
Announcement | Winners [June 13]

• Invite a Friend Tuesday
Announcement | Winners [May 31]
Announcement | Winners [June 7]
Announcement | Winners TBA [June 14]

• WedNEARSday
Announcement | Winners [June 1]
Announcement | Winners [June 8]
Announcement | Winners [June 15]

• Gaming Thursday
Announcement | Winners [June 2]
Announcement | Winners [June 16]

• Quiz Nights
Announcement | Winners [June 9]

• NFT Friday
Announcement | Winners [June 3]
Announcement | Winners [June 10]
Announcement | Winners [June 17]

:open_hands: Thanks for taking part in Community Events.
These marks the end of Q2 Events and we will bring back more exciting and fun events in Q3.

:eyes: Meanwhile make sure to fill the feedback form and add your ideas so we can make events more amazing:

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