[Report] AUGUST - ongoing - The Lambe-lambe Project

Mensal report: August

Project’s name: The Lambe-lambe Project

Project’s status: Ongoing

Link to the initial proposal: The Lambe-lambe Project


The project is scheduled to run for two months. At the moment, the open-call for artists to participate in the project is still open.

A flyer was created based on one of the lambe-lambe works by artist João Araújo, who will give the workshop on the next month. The dates have also changed a little, so that we have more time to execute the program. New timeline:

  • 22/August to 5/September: Bounty ongoing
  • 7/September: Announcement of final selection
  • 7/Sept to 17/Sept: Minting of the works
  • 17/Sept: Workshop with João Araújo 1, photographer who has been working for 6 years with lambe-lambe (in case you can’t participate on the day, there will be a recording of the workshop to give the chance for people from different time zones to participate)
  • 18/Sept to28/Sept: Each participant will create their own lambe-lambe and provide a photo of the work that will also be minted in Procd’s store
  • After 28/Sept: Participants who have completed the project to the end will receive 27.5 USD in Dai


Social media:


As the project is still in its early stages and the DAO is also new in the ecossystem, we are devising ways to reach photographers primarily outside the blockchain, prioritizing new onboards for the community. However, this is being a big challenge and we have been researching means to find the photographers outside the ecosystem. We are studying the possibilities and searching as much as possible for loopholes to publicize the project and have the greatest possible reach.

Next steps:

The proposal is still in its initial phase and we are waiting for the closing of the open call to proceed with the project.

August’s budget:

75$ for the 10 selected photographers (payments will be done after the 7th September)

150$ for producer and organizer (payment requested in Astrodao)

50$ for a flyer design (payment requested in Astrodao)

Total: 275$



The open call got to an end and we received 15 entries.
One of the marketing strategies used was to subscribe the bounty in a Brazilian website for opportunities and funding for artists, which brought us a positive result, bringing a photographer from outside of the NF.

The curatorial work was made and 2 new wallets were created:

The Whatsapp group to gather the participants and help them with creating a wallet, minting and making a poll on Astro was already created. Everyone is excited to the upcoming workshop :slight_smile:


Parabéns Esther … o grupo de fotógrafos que estão se reunindo para participar desse projeto esta lindo de ver.
:raised_hands:t4: :camera_flash: