The Lambe-lambe Project

Proponent: Esther Lourenço

Near account for payment: estherlourenco.near

Project duration: August 10 to October 10

Objective: The project aims to consolidate an interesting and active group of 10 photographers worldwide-based in the Near atmosphere and, later, to expand their works to the physical world through a workshop using a street art technique. “Lambe-lambe” (in Portuguese “lick-lick”) is a known urban art that is born from the street posters with the beginning of the printing industry. Nowadays, used mostly by graffiti artists, it is an interesting form of art that communicates directly with people on the streets.

Justification: To unite photographers in the community, creating a space for experimentation and to bring a stronger flow to Procd Dao Mintbase store.

Project: It is divided in 2 phases, both to be completed in one month each.

In the first part there will be a bounty to curate 10 photos from 10 different photographers (professionals and amateurs) who desire to participate in this project. The selected works will be minted by Procd in the Procd Mintbase store. The artist will keep 10% of the forever royalties and 2% will stay with the store, keeping the credits to each artist.

Every photographer (amateur or professional) is allowed to participate. For this, it is only necessary to have a Near wallet. Since the workshop will be in English, it is also important to have a basic understanding of the language (even though support in Portuguese will be provided).

There is no theme for this bounty, but it is good to keep in mind that the art will be exhibited on the streets, so there is a possibility of dialogue with people in the cities. The photos should be at least 3508 x 4961 pixels large (A3 format) and have at least a 300dpi resolution. Analogue media is allowed, but the scanned work should follow those technical specificities.

The 10 selected photographers will receive 7.5 USD in Dai as a reward in the first month and will join a Telegram group to receive information about the next steps, creating also a space to exchange interests among the photographers. This first reward will be to help the participants to buy the material needed to conclude the second part of this project: glue and the photo print. The second part of the reward comes after the conclusion of the whole project.

In the second part, these selected artists will take a workshop (in English) to understand the concept and history of lambe-lambe better and to be able to do their own version of it. The workshop will be given by the photographer João Araújo, who has been researching lambe-lambe attached to his photography work for 6 years now. (He will be onboarded in order to be part of the project.)

For the printed version of the bounty photos, there will be a QR-code attached to the photo, directing the viewer to a Procd’s link. The participants who complete the workshop, create and print their own lambe-lambe, and mint a photo of the street art on the Procd Mintbase store, those artists will receive 27.5 USD in Dai as a second reward after their proof of completion of the workshop.


10.Aug to 20.Aug: Photography bounty

22.Aug: Announcement of the 10 selected photographers

23.Aug to 31.Aug: Mint of the works. Unite the participants in a Telegram group, giving them further information about the workshop and also creating a space for exchange

10.Sep: Lambe-lambe workshop

11.Sep to 20.Sep: The participants create their own lambe-lambe and mint a photo of the work in Procd Mintbase store

After 21.Sep: To transfer 27.5USD in Dai to the participants who completed all the tasks


Month 1

75$ for the 10 selected photographers

150$ for producer and organizer

50$ for a flyer design

Total (month 1): 275$

Month 2

275$ for the 10 photographers (in case one or more participants doesn’t complete the task in the deadline, the money left will be reverted to the Dao)

150$ for João Araújo (the artist responsible for the workshop)

150$ for producer and organizer

Total (month 2): 575$


Esther Lourenço

Media artist from Brazil graduated in Media Studies by the University of Campinas in 2017.

Seeks to strengthen the underground culture and experiment movements since 2015, when helping to produce the Artificial collective events in Campinas (Brazil), as well as performing in them with video mapping. In 2021, created the video projections for the multidisciplinar piece and exhibition Surco along with LAR∀S collective in Berlin (Germany). Works with a variety of digital and analogue mediums, focusing on the moving images and exploring the possible atmospheres that emerge from the mix of different artistic languages.



Amei o projeto, boa sorte e todo sucesso!!