[APPROVED] - Arroz merchandising & residents shop research - fund


We are Sam and Laura residents from Arroz Estudios

Sam samhill.near
Laura laurapnz.near

Our objective to build and develop a Arroz Estudios merchandising shop both physical and online. The aim is to sell and promote Arroz Estudios members work, art, books, music and general merchandise in order to share our collective mindset and collaborate with our community.

So far extensive research has been carried out for the month of July 2021 with Sam and Laura. To include:

  • Design research, trend analysis - mood boards, feedback from potential consumers.
  • Collaborative T-shirt design between Sam and Laura - Producing art work and building a collection of designs
  • Days spent researching print studios - In particular visits to Life is a Mesh, Fica and Printee Ericeira. Research also spent on sourcing local and environmentally conscious t-shirt suppliers.
  • Research into proposal and physical store and costs involved

Approx hours per person (Sam and Laura)
1 day / week

8h / day

40h / month / person

For work of design + market research + production suppliers + trend analysis + travel + food + meeting with suppliers and printers

Requested Funds : 300N - (150N per person)

**Next steps to follow **

After meeting with Tabea, Sam and Laura - 09.08 Create our own DAO for Arroz Merchandise and shop set up (money limit per month)


Ladies! This is awesome! I am looking very much forward seeing the development of the physical store & items as well as your own DAO!

As we have spoken in the last meeting, it is sensefull to receive a payout for the work delivered through the Arroz Criativo DAO, as the store will be set up there. Feel free to reach out when it comes to setting up the DAO or any questions you may have as well as defining the next steps and milestones. :rocket:

Please send your payout proposal of overall 300N to the DAO


Hey girls, this is amazing. Really great to see you on the forum and excited to see the progress with the designs and maybe even an NFT online shop…? :fire:


YOOHOO :smiley: That’s so cool!

looking fwd to see the products and buy some t-shirts :yum:
amazing work girls!