[REPORT] AC-DAO May / June Council Work Report From YoNota

Hello everyone! :wave:

Organizational Activities

  1. Throughout May and June, I worked extensively as a member of the Aurora Community DAO.
  2. Specifically, I handled organizational issues, documentation, and calls.
  3. During this time, we held about 7 calls with the team and projects.
  4. Currently, we are continuing to work with projects and oversee their development.
  5. Additionally, we are seeking new funding sources to continue the activities of our DAO.

Work as a Community Consul

  1. As a community consul from Aurora Community DAO, we completed the last month of the Talenteum Campaign.
  2. During this time, over 400 people participated in our campaign, completing a total of 4500 tasks.
  3. From our calculations, we can determine that one completed task cost 50 cents.

Gratitude and Activity

  1. Thanks to all the work of the NDC, we were able to support numerous projects and create various activities for the community. :handshake:

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below or directly to me on Telegram - YoNota :pray: