[Rejected] Youtube Channel for crypto adoption and Near ecosystem

Near Proposal - Desencriptando


The idea is to create a YouTube channel for Spanish speakers to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology. Short fragments of these videos will be extracted to be quickly consumed on the TikTok platform.

The channel will consist of providing information and “decrypting” technical aspects in simple language. The focus of the channel is to achieve greater adoption by people who are not yet part of this ecosystem and train people who are already part of it.


The main problem that we currently have is that the majority of channels (Spanish-speakers) use cryptocurrencies only as a speculative asset.

On the other hand, there are not too many educational channels where they explain basic and technical concepts in a way for all audiences and those that exist are usually in English.


Reach as many people as possible through recommendations and use of different social networks.

Break the stigma that they are simple virtual currencies and teach the sense of decentralization. The vision of a new world where the trust system is offered by cryptographic technology.

Teach true financial freedom outside the banks and only in the hands of a few people. Today we can all be part of this new economy.

Rely on technology, without considering it as an entry barrier. There will be explanations of all kinds, from complex to simple things, facilitating the technical aspects for people without knowledge.


  • Publish every Sunday an educational video in podcast format on a specific topic.
  • Eventually, Wednesdays will be interview days dedicated to crypto communities and/or projects.
  • Create a monthly video responding to all binding queries from the comments.
  • On Mondays, highlights of the week’s video will be uploaded to the TikTok platform.

Sunday’s educational videos will be a pile of questions that will be answered over the course of a conversation between two people.

The person who will give answers to these questions is a programmer with experience in blockchain having the ability to explain technical concepts in a simple language.

All the information provided will be verified and a bibliography will be added to the description for users who wish to see the sources or learn more.

What is requested?

An amount of 1400 Near is requested to be able to carry out the following operations:

  • Channel UI creation (Logos, Banner, Etc…)
  • Video editing for both platform (TikTok and Youtube)
  • Thumbnail image for each video.
  • Camera and microphone for recording the program.
  • Eventual giveaways for all subscribers.

Complete dedication to the growth of the channel by one person. Research of topics, script creation and interviews.

What is offered?

Make Near the official sponsor of the channel by always giving visibility in all Tik Tok highlights, as well as on youtube to the logo.

Always recommend Near communities and the ecosystem to users.

Episodes dedicated to Near.

A minimum commitment of 52 YouTube videos lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. A minimum of 200 highlights on Tik Tok.


@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


1400$ in $NEAR , right?

If yes, can you give the breakdown of budget like how much funds will be used for what Activity?

Also, this is your first post on the forum, do you have any past experience in NEAR Ecosystem?



Good evening, are you requesting 1400 Near?

Thank You :blush:

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Awesome! @MktngDAO_Advisors :heart_eyes:

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Hello, yes, it is 1400Near.

Regarding the breakdown of the amount and the activities, as I said before it will go to the creation of the necessary assets to start with the project, I will also need to pay someone to help me with the transition effects in the videos, in addition to some of the material. I will leave my current job as a programmer to dedicate myself 100% to this project, offering in addition to the knowledge I already have, a search of information to be updated, and to be able to offer a channel with quality and to be successful.

Yes, it’s true that this is my first post here, I created this account recently for the forum, but I know how the near ecosystem works :blush:

I would like people to really learn what blockchain technology means and remove the blindfold that the media tries to sell us from their ignorance, and thinking that this is just a temporary fad.

There’s a soft cap of ~ $10,000 for MarketingDAO proposals and I don’t think the creation of a YouTube channel would warrant funding that high.

It’d be great to see you run with a YouTube channel so quality and content can be assessed then, in the future, request funding from a DAO vertical if it’s something you wanted to pursue.


That’s a lot of amount my dear friend for just creation of YouTube channel.

Stars Guild is working with great youtubers under the budget of $10k.

Also, You can checkout this proposal and their budget request for NEAR dedicated YouTube to start first >> [Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022



May I know What will be the Name of the Channel , Also can you tell us What kind of videos you are going to purpose weekly bases

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Well, but the great youtubers who charge 10K for sponsorship are already charging much more money for the visits they have, they don’t even need that money.

Besides, I don’t know if it happens with all English channels, but at least in those that are Spanish-speaking you don’t usually find channels that offer truthful and quality information, and that’s what I want to look for with this project.


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Still A No From Me For 1400 $NEAR :slight_smile:

I Don’t Get The Idea About Spending Almost 14000$ For A New YouTube Channel. While I Have Given An Example Of A Running Campaign Already. You Can Increase The Reward With The Time You Will Have Great Engagement & Views But At This Very Start, I Suppose You Should Consider The Fair Budget.


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Good morning. Agree with you.

Dear @kyaris do you familiar with Near Community?

Thank You :blush:


Hello, it is always good to have new ideas, but being your first post it is not possible to approve a budget of that size.

Regarding Logos and Banners, the “NEAR Design Guild” could support you if your proposal is approved.

You could start by asking for a sufficient amount to start, maybe for a month, and demonstrate whether the project would have engagement or not.


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Hey @kyaris! As you’re asking for a huge fund so you must provide a detailed breakdown of the fund requirements. And I guess most of your requirements can solve by our ecosystem Guilds for example: for all Graphical works you can ask help from our Design Guild so now you only need a good mic and
DaVinci Resolve(Free video editor).

We shouldn’t hurry about the subscribers’ giveaway because first of all let’s start the initiative then after getting a good response from the community we can announce a giveaway just to boost the response so, for now, I don’t recommend stress on giveaways.

One last thing if you’re planning to spend money on everything then what will be your own contribution? so as a community member I would like to say that just start your work as quickly as possible, once you receive a good response from the community then you need no stress to pass your proposals.




Not at all, i would like to, im familiar with Near

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@MktngDAO_Advisors :slight_smile:

Hi @kyaris welcome to the community!

As a marketing DAO council member I would like to give you some guidance on how I think you should proceed with your project.

IMO it is important that you demonstrate a willingness and ability to deliver on your ideas. Other comments have indicated ways you can create your first 30 min video at low/no cost. Post it on YouTube and share the link here.

I notice you are currently working as a programmer and intend to pay someone else to help with ‘transition effects’… this is called Editing. Maybe your first step should be to learn how to record and edit videos.

At this stage I am unable to Approve this proposal in it’s current form.


Would love to get you involved in future latam hacker houses