[Rejected] Near x Art website, video promotion & backdrop

Hello @marketingdao,

Good day to you all, trust you are doing great. My name is Bimpsyy, a council member of the Near x Art Dao.

We are proposing to set up a website, promote our NFT video content on social media and have a Near x Art backdrop.

About Near x Art Dao.

Near x Art detailed report for july– as @so608 requested.

Our social media pages:
Youtube channel - 164 subscribers

Twitter page - 239followers

Instagram page - 91 followers

Telegram group - 257 members

A website is an important element; owing that the Near X Art Dao focuses on activities that ranges from:

  • Onboarding creatives to use the blockchain (not just the tech inclined individuals)
  • Creating utility NFTs (digital NFT available in its physical form)
  • Ghetto photography (NFT to support ghetto community and onboard photographers).
  • Pet and wildlife (NFT to support our loved ones) and anything art inclined.
  • All art related activities.

The website will include the following:
• Basic guides on how to mint, create a near wallet, operate on astrodao
• It will feature all our NFT stores on mintbase (Nearxart store, Pet and wildlife, Ghetto photography store, spoken words store, etc)
• It will include a section for display of the NFTs of arts in our store
• There will be a section where you get to know some of the visual artist behind the NFTs
• Our monthly videos will always be updated in the website. check out some of the videos on our youtube
• It will include news about the NFT world and near protocol

Our organization creates videos for our NFTS that are available in its physical form. We need the marketing vertical support, in promoting some of these contents on social media to reach a wide range of art lovers and prospective NFT collectors. Near x Art NFT store

List of some videos

In addition, we will need to a backdrop that will have the Near x Art, Near and other Near ecosystem community and decentralized apps logo on it. The reason for this backdrop is to give visibility to Near x Art and the Near ecosystem. The backdrop can be useful for events, pictures and videos.


  • Website creation - $550

  • Social media Promotion - $500: We will be promoting 5 - 10 NFT video content ( highlighted above) on instagram, twitter and facebook.

  • Backdrop - $150

  • Management - $200 : This includes, telegram, instagram, twitter and youtube.

  • Total: $1,400


  • A website that will feature all Near x Art activities.
  • Visibility for our NFT contents.
  • Wider reach of Near protocol
  • Promotion of our video content to reach prospective NFT collectors.
  • Social awareness for Near ecosystem, using the backdrop.
  • Good social presence
  • Social media growth up to 100%
  • Promotion for Mintbase: Promoting our nfts also markets mintbase because we have our store in it.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.
Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Near x Art.


Well details and easy to ready. Good job @Bimpsyy


Nice and detail idea.

Couldn’t find any information about Near in these videos…
What the value for Ecosystem?

Hi @Dacha , Thanks for the prompt response.

The videos we shoot is for the NFT we produce and the aim for this is to promote these NFTs and to give visibility to the ecosystem.

However, there are tons of information about Near protocol in these videos. Some of these NFTs are dedicated to Near and its ecosystem.

Kindly check videos below:

Please do let us know if you have any other questions.


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Hi councils @marketingdao-council, just a kind nudge to visit this proposal.


In these videos, authors mostly describe their artworks…

I believe it fits more Creativity Category. By the way how can buy the artworks?


Thanks for your reply @Dacha

Yes, these NFT of arts were dedicated to Near and it’s ecosystem. The essence of the video is to communicate the mood of this art to prospective collectors/buyers.

Yes it does. The NFT was made with the support from the creatives vertical. We are reaching out to the marketing Dao, to support the marketing of these NFT via promotion of these videos that conveys the emotional of the NFT.

You can purchase any of these NFT in our mintbase store and you would get the physical form delivered to you.

Kindly send a message of the delivery location to nearxart@gmail.com or reach out to us on any of our socials @nearxart.

Thank you :relaxed:


Hi @Bimpsyy
The nature of this project is definitely grassroots but the challenge is the low engagement, traction, and ultimately not enough momentum for me to support it for another month.

There isn’t a clear line for me with the Near Foundation to generate some of the key metrics such as wallet creation, transactions, new use-cases for development on Near, or furthering the overall ecosystem growth in different parts of the world.

Unfortunately, it’s a no from me.

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Hi @Klint

I think there’s a mistake somewhere.

We have not received any support from the marketing vertical since our inception.This proposal is for Near x Art Dao’s website creation, promotion and backdrop.

Please kindly take time to go through the proposal in details. We are also open for a meeting if you need further clarifications thanks.

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Tagging @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro for visibility on this.

Hi Bimpsyy,

Thanks for your proposal

At a personal level, I can appreciate the work that you are doing and the resulting artwork being generated etc. However, I do not think there is a close enough correlation between the nature of this project and the NEAR ecosystem.


  • When funding the marketing efforts of a project, the value generated to the NEAR ecosystem must be greater than the amount requested.
  • In this case, even if NEAR x Art DAO succeeds, the number of developers and end users is very limited.
  • We do have a strong focus on builders and end users now. The Creatives DAO may be a better avenue for this project.

In its current form I do not support this proposal

Good morning. Thank you for the great artworks, but unfortunately I can’t support your proposal.