[Rejected] kickstart medical outreaches by near medical team

Guild name: near medical team
Funding type: quarterly
Near Medical Team Medical Outreach.
The near medical team has selected Gombe representing the North Eastern state to commence it’s medical outreach program proposed to commence the first by June.
The medical outreach as one of the major programs of the near medical team in order to change community perspective about the narratives of the Blockchain is slated to take place quarterly choosing from the geographical regions of Nigeria for the first year which after success is achieved will commence to conduct medical outreaches in other various west African countries and going global through partnership with other medical professionals from other countries.
The outreaches covers three areas including

  1. Medical care to communities and health promotion activities
  2. Partnership with relevant community and state stake holders including professional bodies, ministries of Health, Emirs and Kings and also political appointment holders within communities
  3. Community Event on Blockchain Technology and Near ecosystem.
    The outreach programs will take 6 days. The activities carried out outlined below;
    Day one
    Arrival of medical team, meeting with traditional rulers, community heads, health professional bodies leaders within the state, State ministry of health, Security agencies for Introduction of the team and their programs, and also mobilizing assistive members also onboarding them.
    Day 2-3
    Medical outreach proper including consultation to community members, which will include conducting test using test kits and providing drugs and vaccines to community members.
    Day 4
    Organizing a community walk which will include every member of the communities males and females, old and young and also including physically challenged and disabled with reward system for some participants.
    Day 5
    organizing a hall event for education on Blockchain and Near ecosystem which will also onboard community members which comprises of Heads of families and their wives including everyone eligible to vote by Nigerian constitution. This will eliminate u-18 from participating into the ecosystem.
    Day 6
    Departure of the medical team members.


  1. Onboarding +400 community members to NEAR ECOSYSTEM.
  2. Building of a sustainable project sponsored by NEAR, showing relevance of Blockchain to charity.
  3. Partnership and collaboration with government officials and health officers.
  4. Foster Collaborations with labs in the locality with Debio.


Flights for 10 team members at $200/each- $2000
Daily feeding for team members at $30/week per each team member-$300
Feeding for 11 assistants at $15/week per each $165
Payment for assistive members 50$/each– $550
Accomodations for team members - $30/day per each –$1500
Printing of near T-shirts 40 pieces at 6$/ each– $240
Banner– $100
Drugs and Vaccines– $1300
Medical Equipments and test kits
5 sphygmomanometers- $300
5 stethoscope– $300
2 Glucometers– $120
Glucometers strips-. $50
Hepatitis B and C strips- $150
HIV test strips– $100
Miscellaneous - $200
Blockchain lecture Event (400 persons)
Hall renting- $300
Feeding at 1$/ each– $400
Drings at 0.2$/ each– $80
Interactive board- $500
Team members- 5Near/ each for 10 members- 50Near at $15/ near- $750
Onboarding 400 people: 40N

Total- 9350$ + 40N
Wallet: nearmedical.near
Website: nearmedical.org
Email: nearmedicalt@gmail.com
@David_NEAR @jlwaugh @Dacha



Does this include a to and fro fare?

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A great plan here.

…btw, is there a plan to keep off :underage: from this?
Due to funding restrictions.

With this going to @marketingdao-council. I don’t know how the requested amount can work, but @Dacha or any other member of the council can answer or give a heads up better.

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Sure it includes to and fro.
$100 dollar to and a $100 fro each giving $200 each multiplying 10 person’s summing up $2000

I agree as max is 10k$ for the marketing dao
@David_NEAR can provide a better solution

Add to the proposal that
Heads of families and their wives including everyone eligible to vote by Nigerian construction. This will eliminate u-18 from participating


Great Idea. # near community up we go.

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Hi @MeshackMayafi thank you for your proposal. I am sure you will understand that the items listed above are not marketing related.

Adding the word Near to the title of a proposal for a project that’s main aim is medical outreach does not make it fit the Marketing DAO criteria for funding.

Sorry, but this is a strong no from me

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Good evening. Is able to reduce the number of participants?

Good morning @Dacha, the team has been a selected team with plans already on ground however, the budget have been reviewed to fit in the marketing Dao demands now 9350$+40N. Thanks

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@MeshackMayafi have you considered this?

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Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable funding a medical team from the Community Fund. Though I do think this is a well-intentioned and charitable proposal.

The practice of medicine is a highly regulated industry, and rightly so. I don’t think that any funding vertical in the NEAR Ecosystem has the ability to apply the appropriate checks and balances to anyone requesting funding of this nature.

Although I don’t have a vote, I would like to flag that concern to the @marketingdao-council and wider community.


Hi Meshack,

Sponsoring of charitable events that are outside of the immediate scope of the technology (either your own project building on NEAR or NEAR directly) is outside of the scope of the Marketing DAO.

Couple of things:

  • This proposal not being suitable for the Marketing DAO doesn’t mean that it is not a honourable endeavour that you and your team should still pursuit
  • Consider raising funds directly from the community; rather than presenting the proposal directly to us, you can share the initiative with the wider world on twitter, blog, etc. and get funds directly.



It’s a no from me. While it sounds like a wonderful humanitarian initiative, I don’t see how it equates to people using Near or wallets.

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Thanks for all wonderful comments and contributions. It’s demoralizing though to see the proposal rejected, however there’s always avenue to learn through the forum. But I still deem it fit to make some more clarifications though not for a re-approval but for better understanding of the project.
Most comments resulting disapproval projected more on charity aspect of the activity. But the guild though adopted this approach of community service among others which is made clear on the introduction of guild team with visions and approach, which we intend to achieve as the programs takes of.
Why adopting such approach?
Though from the proposal the outreach isn’t only the programs stated but with also an event which will help onboard members of the community but however bulk expenses is constituted for the outreach, however these are reasons for adoption.
Being a Nigerian we get to see stringent fears regarding Blockchain adoption is common with government parties which has resulted to quiet a good numbers of people within different societies fearful about participating, utilizing and interacting with Blockchain related ecosystem. This is because of how people project Blockchain as trading cryptocurrency and a money making platform other than what it is meant for as service provider through which Nigerians and Africans problems in different spheres can be solved. The outreach enables the vast community members to see service being provided in the hospice of the Near blockchain thereby changing the mindset and makes people open up to wanting to explore opportunities in it to provide services and solutions to problem which will subsequently makes ease in adoption.
The team intends to pay visits to traditional titles holders as well as political appointment holders in communities where outreach is been conducted having provided care to the communities where they represent/leads and as well giving an invitation to the event stated as dignitaries which will makes them more clarified as every questions will be responded to and fears alleviated this foster collaborations and the visit enabling their views of Blockchain modified after clarification on what Blockchain offers as a technology. This fosters more collaboration and makes government officials at different arms more lenient with adoption of Blockchain.
The team also have plans of establishing a pharmacy and electronic clinic as a middle and long term visions where near will be also utilized for transactions and as such needs to mobilize people for ease adoption and pratronage when it gets to start functioning as such needed such a strategy to gain trust on firstly the near Blockchain adoption and the team members itself.

Another important matter was on how healthcare system and practices is carefully regulated and the risk involved near sponsoring such in an highly regulated area. This is true that health practice is regulated, however, team members are healthcare workers practicing in Nigeria where the program is intended to kickstart. Having had experience with the Nigerian Public health systems the team members are already in communications with the traditional community council where the program was first highlighted to kickstart who has shown great interest seeing how his people will greatly benefit from such a service and also in touch with some principal person’s as advisors within the ministry of health which is shouldered with such responsibility of healthcare services within communities, these people have also shown keen interest on this initiative having young professionals with such initiatives.
I think it is good if such an initiative could be given opportunity and monitored to see the outcome for the first year. Thanks @Dacha @cryptocredit @David_NEAR @IgbozeIsrael @klint @satojandro