[Rejected] daollywood august funding


Council : @ValueObinna2 @Louise @DrayActo @JohnWike

It is with much pleasure, I present the proposal of funding for DAOLLYWOOD activities for August.

But first off, a recap of most of our milestones for July.

In July,

Unveiled our official logo

TELEGRAM: Rose from 17 to 40 members.

TWITTER: our twitter page was added to astrodao’s list of daos

TIKTOK: our official logo announcement post has 518views and counting.

ONBOARDING: We unboarded over 10 people with gov.near.org accounts and near wallets. ( Special thanks to @JohnWike who paid for creation of these wallets with his own money)

All these and more we achieved without any funding from anybody. But we believe there’s a lot we can achieve with funding.


  1. THE 200 CHALLENGE $1400

In our bid to support upcoming Filmmakers around the world, we created #The200Challenge a short film challenge where two Filmmakers are each given $200 and 200hours to create a short film and the winner wins a $1000 grant to support their career. They can use the grant to buy equipments, support their next big project, be part of a seminar, organise an event or any other thing which will advance their careers. Our choice of short films added with the financial and time constraint is just to create an obstacle course to bring out the best from the filmmakers. The two Filmmakers are selected by how active they are in DAOLLYWOOD and the quality of their previous work.

For the August edition, we will be having Obed Emmanuel @youngestdirector11, an Abuja, Nigeria based filmmaker ( Obed previous work >>> https://youtube.com/c/FreeTVAfrica ) going up against Damilola Omotayo @Damilola a Lagos, Nigeria based filmmaker. ( Tuzzy’s previious jobs ) https://youtube.com/channel/UCTJJxuN1IH-Xa8Angw1VfNA

Both of them will onboard all their cast and crew and create near wallets for them. This is to make it easy for them to pay their cast and crew. It is our policy in The 200 Challenge & DAOLLYWOOD that people get paid for their work. No matter how small it is, both ‘contestants’ are to create a budget for their teams. We intend to show them how easy it is to pay workers and collaborate using their near wallet.

The two short films will be posted on our official youtube page and winners will be selected by votes by viewers and council members.

The films will also be minted as NFTs on all platforms. With income shared between the Filmmakers and DAOLLYWOOD, this will be an income generation stream for our DAO.

We will also include NEAR & DAOLLYWOOD ad placements (we will collaborate with the marketing DAO for NEAR contents of their choice) in the short films before the movies commence.

#The200Challenge will be a bimonthly event so we can take our time in selecting Filmmakers and also making use of the films before creating new ones.


We at DAOLLYWOOD intend to support not just the cast and crews but also critics. We create this bounty for those who will watch the two films that will be created in #The200Challenge; they are to write a comment or review about the two of the films on youtube or social media. The most interesting, witty, surprising and catchy comments/review will be selected.

Winner $60
Runner up $50
2nd runner up $40
3rd runner up $30
4th runner up $20


Everyday we have people who are interested in being onboarded and given near wallets. We intend to set asides $100 to create approximately 100 wallets in August( 1N at $4, $100 will create 96 wallets at the price of 0.26N per wallet).

We will also set aside $300 to run our social media pages and have resources to follow up teams participating in The 200 Challenge. $300 is small for all these but we will find a way to go about it. I guess that’s our 300 Challenge LOL


Approving this budget will go a long way in helping DAOLLYWOOD continue to be the bridge where the two world of the Web3 and cinematic universe come together and continue to create a beautiful, happy world for us all.

Cc @creativesdao-mods @Paul


TELEGRAM : Telegram: Join Group Chat



Love the choice of words used. God bless you and we hope for the best.

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Thanks for your proposal,

In its current form, I am unable to support this proposal. There doesn’t seem to be a strong enough connection between the proposals and Web 3 or the NEAR Ecosystem.

Thanks so much for this opportunity :heart: I’m game :muscle:t5:

DAOLLYWOOD is on ASTRODAO, has onboarded close to 15 people( intends to onboard more as we grow) who would had never had any idea about crypocurrency and created NEAR WALLETS for them to facilitate their participation in WEB3

We are creating contents which will be minted as NFTs sold in NEAR on various NEAR accepted platforms.

Those are keywords that you said our proposal is not associated with.

@satojandro hope I have made you see it now?

@Dacha we are growing our community and we are back sir


Hello, thanks for your proposal. I’m my opinion, it’s more related to Creatives DAO. It’s not from me.

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Thank @Dacha we have moved it to the creativesDAO. Thanks for your support.

Hi @JohnWike
I’m just struggling to determine the connection between Near and creative filmmaking. It’s just not a project that I can easily tie in KPIs.

Sorry it’s a no from me.

It’s sad that you do not see any connection between filmmaking and NEAR.

Isn’t this supposed to be a creativesDAO?

Art is art. Music, film, graffiti etc. There shouldn’t be a discrimination. Film is a major form of art that has billions of viewers around the world and you don’t want NEAR to take advantage of the opportunities working with the film industry.

I hope you come to that realization soon.

Meanwhile we at DAOLLYWOOD will keep doing our best to grow our community.

See you next month with our proposal.