[Rejected] Building Man & Hemp Documentary

Good day near,

We at the Hemp Ally have a unique opportunity to build a Hemp Dome at a Festival called Building Man this May 2nd - 8th 2022 at the Jenkstars.com Ranch in Utah.

We are going to be building a 20ft Hemp Dome made from Hemp Stalks and Hempcrete with Stephen Clarke with Growingforthem.org who has over 15yrs of Earth Building Experience and Thatcher Michelsen founder of Biota.eco (AKA the Hemp Encyclopedia)

The WHA has an opportunity to do a Documentary on sustainable homes, living and festival. We are proposing to see if Near would want to help sponsor the film and Documentary for this amazing building project.

We have a ticket price for the Hemp Dome Building workshop and is $200 for the 3-day Hemp Dome workshop May 2nd-5th and will initially have 33 tickets available. We also will be doing NFTs for the tickets on near as well.

The total budget we have a proposal for from a professional Documentary film Maker is $20,000. We feel this would be a great opportunity for Near to sponsor on the ground Regenerative Work and get the message out about Near to new audiences.

Please reach out with any questions and we are really excited to be apart of the Near Family.



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Awesome stuff! Best of luck with the movie :tada:

There’s a soft cap of $10k from the MarketingDAO, so perhaps this wouldn’t be the appropriate funding vertical for it?

Personally, I think $20k from any funding source is a little steep. However, in light of NEAR’s climate-friendly approach to development, I’ll fire this over to the Marketing Team.

Edit: Marketing Team has decided not to move forward with this, thanks for the offer!


Good morning, sorry not for me.

Ps: dubbed proposal in Creative DAO

Ps: @wujiman joined on the forum 1 day ago.

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@wujiman thanks for presenting your proposal. Sounds like an interesting project!

For me, this doesn’t seem to fit with our marketing DAO objectives of providing funding for community projects building on the NEAR blockchain.

Good luck in the future.

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Here is a little more info on the event.

The Festival gets around 150-200 and it has over 3.7k followers on Insta and 6.1k followers on Facebook.

Scotty Whitaker the founder is an accomplished artist and DJ and Builder. He has a vast and pretty eclectic bunch of friends.

We have Stephen Clarke with Growing For Them, who is a master builder with the Earth and humanitarian.

These Hemp Domes are a first of its kind and my brain child. We will be using the Hemp Stalks for the Structure to do a 3v reciprocal 20ft dome and fill in the structure with Hempcrete for the walls and insulation.

I also have a pretty vast network in the media space and can get the documentary shot and presented to a pretty large international audience.

For instance I am also speaking at the African Hemp Conference this summer and could highlight this project there.

We also have access to put out messages via Thehia.org which is the largest and oldest Hemp network in the world with over 50,000 members.

I didn’t realize there was a $10k limit and we could do a Documentary for that allotment.

For more details and you can book your ticket at the link below. $300 for a 6-Day hemp dome workshop and Building Man Festival May 2nd-8th 2022

Thanks for everything and have a beautiful day :slight_smile:

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It’s a no from me as well.