[Q3 OKRs] Rebecca Hallquist - Community Squad - Community OS Specialist

Here is my working outline of my OKRs and Execution Plan for Q3 2021.
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Role: Community OS Specialist
Role Description: Rebecca joined this team as the driver of our CommunityOS and leading its evolution into a fully adopted product that creates the space for the emergence of self-reliant and empowered communities.

Further details will be found under the Community > Community OS subcategory here on the Forum.

Q3 Goals:

  • Boost community engagement through Open Web Sandbox and the Guilds Program
    (I’ll be the first point of contact for any of the Guilds in North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America! :wave:t4:);

  • Develop and engage the NEAR Creative Community through the Creatives DAO ([Q3 OKRs] Creatives DAO);

  • Introduce the NEAR Community to Community OS and the beauty of playbooks and processes; making the Forum the spot where folks can find updates on its development and be directed to our Gitbook wiki as the home of Community OS resources; encouraging community members to interact with, provided feedback on, interrogate, and USE the resources the NEAR MarCom Team is compiling;

  • Develop the Community OS roadmap;

  • Support and promote MarCom Team organization (special mention: getting the team fully on Copper CRM is a MUST) and CommunitySquad DAO governance and funding allocation best practices.

30-60-90 Day Execution Plan: Community Squad - Rebecca Q3.pdf (40.7 KB)

NEAR Core Team, see the Miro Board [here](https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l7s371Y=/).

(Default settings on our Miro account do not allow me to publicly share the link to the original Board, so if you’re having difficulties accessing this link please read the PDF but do come back here to respond if you so choose!)


END OF Q3 Recap


  • Hosted 2 (will be 3 by the end of Sept) successful OWS parties, with Rainbow Bridge, Hot DAO Summer, and DeFi themes - the feedback about this has been really positive from presenters and attendees and in August we had ~50 attendees showing steady growth since the first party in June
  • Participated in numerous weekly OWS AMAs as co-host/presenter; brought Vital Point AI and OWS together so that the OWS could be the first use-case for Catalyst this fall; was 1 of 3 moderators for the flurry of the end-of-month reward claims; instigated branding discussions between NEAR Core and OWS; assisted with strategy, marketing/publicity, and other areas as needed
  • Working with @starpause to build a GTM plan around Astro involving a terminology/user UX focus group, product walk-through videos, an AMA, integration with NEAR | CON + an awesome playbook @David_NEAR just put out
  • helped on board, source connections and funding for ~15 Guilds and projects + 10 creative Guilds & DAOs through the Guilds Management Crew and Creatives DAO
  • lead & supported the conceptualization and creation of 4 Guilds Data projects
  • installed process revisions, clarifications, and materials with @jlwaugh @chloe to Community Fund → DAO Verticals, especially with a focus on guides and processes for the Creatives DAO
  • will have laid the groundwork for the involvement of ~15 Guilds + ~15 Creative Partners (companies, Guilds, and DAOs) in the first ever NEAR | CON on Oct. 26 & 27 - more info to come!

Challenges/Incomplete Areas:

  • Did not develop the Community OS roadmap

    • blocker: Community OS priorities quickly became Astro-focused ones; community tools i.e. a shared community calendar were being handled already by the Guilds Management Crew
  • Copper adoption has not been consistent and across the full MarCom Team yet

    • blocker: the ways in which we wanted/needed to use Copper still had to be defined and educational/guide material to the Team from me to be able to use it was slow-moving as a result

As my role will be changing as of Q4, I will be in the process of transitioning out of a number of projects - namely the Guilds Management Crew & a hands-on role with the Creatives DAO - and embracing new areas with a focus on organization, information access, and data sharing. More information will be shared as we close up Q3 at the end of September, and begin the next and final quarter of this calendar year as of October, but as my first full quarter with NEAR on the Community Team it has definitely been an exciting time.

I look forward to working with even more community members in the coming months!