[PROPOSE] 24hs Intermediary/Advanced Painting Assistance in Tablet – fra-DAO – April – 2022

Name: Flora @hiimf
Account: hiimf.near
frado.near @frado
hiimf.near @hiimf
raissa.near @raissalaban
Timeline requesting: Monthly
Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Proposal: 24hs Intermediary/Advanced Painting Assistance in Tablet.
Timeline: 4 weeks

The April “workshop” edition of the Experience design for NFT + 24hs Intermediary/Advanced Painting Assistance in Tablet.
In week 02 and week 03 of the workshop, we will need to add
24hs Intermediary/Advanced Painting Assistance in Tablet.

What wee need to enter in this Art assitance:

•  All participant needs: Photoshop software or Apple/Android Tablet app, wacom tablet with pen or similar brand.
•  The Art assistance consist in: 3 online classes, 
•  1 PDF with class content 
•  A package of custom Brushes Collection

How ?
Each participant will have three online meetings with the artist @Narau, via meet, zoom or Airmeet, with desktop sharing.

The dynamics will be:
First meet:
a) Configuration of the new project
b) Introducing the Photoshop workspace
c) Presentation of the main tools
d) Function and importance of layers
e) Operation of the HSB panel
f) Creation of the mood board
g) Assembly of color palette
h) Application of techniques in the final art

Activity 1: Each student must think of an art proposal and set up their mood board for the next class

30 minutes of immediate post-class support to answer questions about Meet 1 and Activity 1

Second Meet:
Individual, Art Assistance to monitor and support the development of projects and answer questions

Third Meet:
Individual extension, art Assistance to see the final arts developed by the artist and ask questions.

How will this artistic assistance be done?
We will have a 24-hour bank for this assistance and artistic directions that will be answered via call with screen sharing through Discord, meet or Airmeet. All the participants of all our workshop editions will be contemplated with this Painting 24-hour bank. The community itself requested this digital knowledge about digital painting assistance, using wacon tablet and pen. @Narau are in this assistance counting the hours attended, which will be marked within a channel on Discord, the focus is on artists in technological vulnerability.

The handouts, in PDF, with the steps of some important explanations, mentioned above, will be produced by fraDAO. The graphic art is ready to use, produced by: @Narau (narau.near) in April of 2022.
I would like to clarify, that the “workshop” is very human and done manually, all artists contact many times a day via direct message and we are meeting all demands.

Value: 600 USD

Thanks, Effie (@hiimf )


If anyone needs clarification, contact me.


It’s an honor to have such a talented artist to help our senior artists in the development process of their NFT. We are very honored to have you within our ecosystem! Your collaboration and dedication is very important!
They are very excited about these painting classes, some artists are looking to have the tablets with their children and grandchildren!
Thanks @Narau! :dizzy: :100: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :partying_face:


Welcome Narau!!! Can’t wait to see the final result of this process! :smiley:


Thank yooou! I’m very excited too, can’t wait to see the final results. :smile: :blush: :dizzy:


Thank you, Raissa :heart: :heart: :heart: