[PROPOSAL] VR DAO June Funding Request

Project Name: VR DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

microchipgnu.near @microchipgnu

sainthiago.near @sainthiago

nearestchico.near @nearestchico

naes.near @nico

Target Address: vr-dao.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao) / nearestchico.near (KYC)

Project Accounting: current account balance 286.54 NEAR

Funding Period: June

Requested amount: 5000$ :point_left: :point_left:

[REPORT] VR DAO May report

Updated Project Timeline:

During the month of June VR DAO we will continue the development of THE FLOOR IS TO HIGH. An outline of the project can be found here:

[creative direction] THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH

This is the roadmap that VR DAO will follow in foreseeable times and the principles that will guide the DAO’s activities.

The work in the website will continue, now with the professional help of a webdesigner.

A lot of production work will take place as well, as artist will be selected, both as candidates for the research program or mentors to other artists, and onboarded into the community.

In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed for the month of May, we request funding for the following costs and activities:

Council activities: 100$ x 4 (All members)

sub-total: 400$

Administration and Communication Coordination:

  • creating the monthly report - 150$;
  • creating the monthly funding request - 150$;
  • managing the Telegram channels (open channel+polling for council members) - 200$;
  • managing communication in the forum - 150$;
  • managing the VR DAO Mintbase store - 150$;
  • Sub-total: 800$

Total for Council activities + Administration and Communication Coordination : 1200$




Sub-total: 1000$

Continuation of the website development as proposed in the creative direction
BUDGET (rev3, Jun 06, 2022)

Cost June 1,823.50$

(-) Devalued budget May 600$

Sub-total: 1,223.50$

Visual identity as proposed by creative direction

BUDGET (rev3, Jun 06, 2022)

Sub-total: 686.50$

Social Media as proposed by creative direction

BUDGET (rev3, Jun 06, 2022)

Sub-total: 400$

Web domain and hosting

Sub-total: 190$


Sub-total: 300$

Project Total: 3800$

Total:: 5000$

** Total amount requested to the Creatives DAO = 5000$ - xN (the VR DAO treasury covers all expenses over the 5k limit)


As we are at the setting up stage of THE FLOOR IS TO HIGH it is not obviously apparent how this project can lead to a growth in the community, but our intent is to set a solid foundation that can allow an enthusiastic community to grow organically around Virtual Reality. Our goal with supporting VR artists is not to just support them on a single project. Our main objective is to help them become active members in the VR DAO and NEAR communities. We see any new artist that we support as someone who can bring more people with valuable knowledge and experience in VR.

We will measure the growth of the community through the following metrics:

  • Number of projects funded;
  • Number of mentors in THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH;
  • Monthly visits to THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH website;
  • Number of Exhibitions supported or organized by VR DAO;
  • Number of wallets created through VR DAO activities (bounties, open call, live events, etc.);
  • Activity in the virtual reality category in the forum;
  • Number of members on VR DAO telegram channel (81 at the time of this post);
  • Instagram followers.

With this project being at ground zero, we believe it would be premature to set specific goals for each category before we start the active process of supporting artists. We intend instead to, each month, compare the growth of these metrics and learn from the trend lines they suggest.

We intend to expand the council in the near future and we will be looking for someone that can help us with this side of things.

As the funding process of DAOs changes we would like to ask for your help to better adapt our proposals to the new system. Are there any metrics that you think would be relevant? Is there a standardized system that we should be following? We are open to any feedback and always willing to learn from the experience of other DAOs, so feel free to give any suggestions about how to better consolidate the outcomes of our community.

:NOTE: All payout proposals will be for the N values displayed here; members of the VR DAO council and members of the community will have to use this as reference when asking for rewards. Those will be fixed once and if the request is approved by the council of the Creatives DAO. This must be done in order to protect the DAOs funds, otherwise we risk being unable to fulfill our commitments. That also means that members can ask for their payout at any point during the month. Every month, values in N are rounded up, using the current treasury to do that; that way no individual is losing money. This will be corrected once Astrodao allows fractions. Used conversion rate: tba.

: NOTE 2: Beginning now, and every month, those interested in having their proposals approved (and included) in the VR DAO monthly fund request must present them in the Forum with enough anticipation for the proposals to be discussed and approved in time of the request. The request will be created, every month, between the 1st and the 3rd. Proposals who come late will 1) be included in the following month’s request, or 2) be supported with the current VR DAO balance, if possible.

Contacts and useful links:

Our TG channel is open to everyone who wants to engage with us and explore new VR related projects and ideas. Meet us on TG Telegram: Contact @vrdao 1, Instagram Login • Instagram and twitter https://twitter.com/dao_VR 2.

Find also 3XR on twitter https://twitter.com/threexr_ and Discord .

Thank you all.


Hello VR DAO!

As we transition as a community and prepare ourselves to give bigger reports back to NEAR Foundation for the metrics of our Creatives DAO Community, we would like to ask if you could add in a section at the end of your proposal around your expected metrics for success. This can be things likes number of participants expected, what outcomes, which/how many products, etc. Basically consolidating your outcomes into metrics. This will make it easier to relate to those number when you make your next report and when we make a larger report for the community as a whole.

We need the community to share metrics on their proposals in an effort to collectively prepare to approach NF to prove our value. I believe there is a way to do this with ease, we can help if you need help, our intention is for everyone to unify and gain stability in this moment. Next month we can implement a clear guideline of what is expected.

Thank you so much!


Hi @adrianseneca. We will add that section to our proposal. We’ll let you know if we need any help :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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We’ve added a Metrics section to the funding request as you asked. Hope this is what you are looking for. Let us know if you have any suggestion.

I am wondering if you could explain the price breakdown and reasoning for such a price for website development over the next 3 months? From your description the website seems like it provides the basics which in my experience usually doesn’t cost a total of almost $5000. I am open to learning!

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Happy to clarify :slight_smile:

First of all we are also always open to learning, so if you would share your experience with webdesign regarding prices and technical details we would be more than happy to hear.

Regarding our budget, this is the common rate of an active and experienced web designer in the market and Mariana do Vale has a proven track record as a designer. This budget entails not only the building of the website, hosting and all the expenses that running a website requires, but also the creation of all the entire visual identity of THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH: logo creation, the definition of visual guidelines, motion work, social media profiles and banners, templates for social media posts, etc. The price we ask for the website covers way more than the website itself, please keep in mind that what we are proposing is a platform not just an informative website. That should have been clearer in the funding request and we are sorry for that. This rate also allows us to establish a more flexible and close relationship with the designer that we recognise as a very important asset for our project. This rate also makes sense given the length of the collaboration.

Hope this clarifies!

Thanks so much for sharing with us! Would you be able to tease out those details in a clear budget so we can understand better?

Yes, of course. We can quickly share the budget by the designer but it’s in portuguese:

Q22-23-TFITH-identidade.pdf (78.8 KB)
Q22-24-TFITH-website.pdf (123.6 KB)

Let us know if you need a translated version.

Hello! I had @hevertonharieno translate for us and we have come to the conclusion that we are not knowledgeable enough about web building to make a conclusion around if these prices are fair. We are calling on the @marketingdao-council to advice on this and suggest that you propose to Marketing DAO for this piece of your project.


Good evening, slightly weird expenses for me.

Managing the channels, poll for councils members? Managing communication in the forum - 150$;?

What stands for “managing the VR DAO Mintbase store - 150$;”? Open the website and check it out?


I can’t support the proposal and rewards.

Ps: Guys, you work FOR COMMUNITY, and THE COMMUNITY allows you any rewards, but not otherwise. Do monthly reports it’s your responsibility towards the COMMUNITY, not another point to be rewarded.

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Thank you for your idea.

I personally don’t believe the nature of this aspect of the platform is related to marketing.
It is related with communication but to the aesthetic and experiential aspects of it, and it possibility of knowledge production.
After all, the project is about building a platform for artistic research and knowledge transfer, which is not an easy task with ready-made formulas.

A marketing dimension would be consider trough the development of the project since it needs to move in that sphere eventually, but if the project takes that as a priority at this stage it will lose all the conceptual direction that we are trying to put forward and could easily become one more instance of hyper-production of shallow symbols. So this is my fear when at this stage we are being forced to measure the project in terms of production and marketing trading, without even have the chance to let the project/system to self-organize into something that might produce.


This cost organization comes from the previous council organization, its logic was explained at that time and since it never was questioned after its presentation its explanation was included in the funding request again.

Council activities makes reference to the basic activities of the council, as the exchange of ideas, opinions and decision making. The value was set considering that this activity did not demanded much time, and it was more about responsibility, decentralization and creative input. The effect of this can be observed in the radical change of nature from the last big project to this one.

All other activities are related to labor, an estimation of hours of work to execute tasks. Not all members of the council execute these task, so the distinction was made in order to differentiate and pay those values exclusively to the council member that might execute those task in an specific month. The set of tasks were defined in general terms as the minimum that must be executed each month, and is a flux, so the “backoffice” work related to each task change depending on what might be happening with projects at each month.
I understand your questioning, and I think is good to revisit this and the system from where this became, but for your final comment it seems that your perspective is that people should not receive payments for their labor.

The production of THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH project is not council activity. It is labor related to that specific project which demands a substantial amount of time and organization, as in any other kind of cultural production. In this case, the production even goes as fas as incorporate curatorial work, which in nature is different to production, requires more time for articulations and intellectual effort. As a curator, cultural producer and artist I am aware that this is the opposite of double-dipping, and that this value is below standard. The only reason to go with that condition is the belief in the need of such a project. If it makes things for relatable for people, it can be thought as when you have a coder in a council and they are working in programming tasks that do not belong to council activities.


Thanks for your thoughts @Dacha! I was wondering if you or your team could give thoughts specifically around the website building budget as it seems more in the realm of marketing to us?

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$20 domain + $200 hosting are reasonable and in Marketing DAO scope.

But the team can take the money from here:

Have a wonderful day.

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Sorry @Dacha don’t mean to bother you! We are referring to the $1,823.50 for web design seen here:


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I think we can review the proposal in Marketing DAO, bit to make decision I need to understand what values the website, will bring to Near Community , What problem is NearNFtweek solving and How does this help get to billions of users in Near Ecosystem ?

Maybe VR Dao can start with wix.com (free web-site building platform).

Have a great day!

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Hey VR DAO, I apologize for the delay in moving this forward. Would you be willing to propose the website funding to Marketing DAO? I believe this would give you more approvals from the moderation team!