[report] video manifesto - antimetodo dao

This report refers to:

Due to the delay on receiving funds and also to the restructuring of Creatives DAO, Antimétodo DAO is passing through a moment of reorganization. All these processes impacted this proposal, as we understand the relevance of this material in promoting and communicating our thoughts and goals. What happened then:

We compiled and edited the material of the Antimetodo classes, creating the 10 minute vídeo manifesto, that is available on Nomade Label youtube channel in this link:

This video has been published and we understand that this material is relevant to promote Antimetodo DAO. Now we are working on creating our social media’s channels (instagram/ twitter/youtube). As soon as we have this spaces, we will start the promotion, using small videos as our first contents.

As we had planned a metaverse launching, we decided to keep the 100 USD that was destinated to Gus Manute in DAO’s wallet, so we can properly plan and produce this event, according to a new communication plan that will be announced soon.