[PROPOSAL] Translation near.org/vi/blog/ - Vietnamese version completely

Hi all,
Our official website near.org has the Vietnamese version. However, I think better if it has the clear and clean translation for any extensions (for example: /blog), but the actual content of the blog won’t be.

I propose to start translating lists of blog below published from Jul 7th, 2021 to now:

  • Quantity of articles: 14.

  • Quantity of words: ~12,500 words in English

  • As mentioned on [October 2021] Open Web Sandbox Rewards and Opportunities, translating per 500 words for NEAR-related content is being rewarded about 25 USD.
    So total amount: 625 USD (for words translation only).

  • As my speed of translation and my carefulness, I will take about 4 weeks to finish it all. So it can split to 2 months claims.

I think I can support without any fee for translating some photos, pictures into Vietnamese if you can send me the original photo without text.

For the videos within blog, in case we make it perfectly, I have to ask my friends to do it. However, can we treat it as 2 contributors since we have a monthly limit of 300 USD reward per contributor per month? If yes, I will contact to him.

@vrdoingthings @Sofia_Alum @Jacopo hope you can take a look on my proposal. I think it should be approved before processing, and I need a contact whom managing the near.org and photo materials.

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Hello @guiltyangel ! Thank you for your proposal, that looks very appealing! OWS is actually launching 4 new language channels on Monday 18th October - and Vietnamese is one of them! I suggest taking this talk to OWS Discord further to see what value this proposal can have for other members of the Vietnamese community and check if there are more people interested. Perhaps we could make a group project out of it that would not have to be limited to 300 USD. Hope to hear back soon from you!


Hello @Sofia_Alum, thanks for your feedbacks.
I am touching with my friends and they agree to collaborate if I need them for video subtitles.

As my understand, I need to wait until Monday 18th October and let see if my proposal will get enough vote to kick-off, right?