[Proposal] To Remove myself from Various DAO/Guild Councils

It is the end of the month (and year) and as I’ve mentioned over the last couple of months in all the various guilds and DAO’s I’m a part of, I’m now submitting my request to be removed from the DAO councils.

It’s been an honor to found and serve on the council of Graffiti DAO. It’s in good hands now with ted.iv & mwhyden and the next council member they add upon my departure.

Beat DAO has a strong team of Paul & JohnX but will need to add another person to the council still.

While DJ DAO is in need of adding new council as well, @netunoblu has already agreed that @TRosario should come on board as planned along with glazedbaguette.near

Arroz is still looking for someone to add, but both Mette and @squattingPigeon have things under control there!

Onboarding DAO, though quite new, has a strong council of Paul Symbolik chloe NatalieCrue & steven and should be fine!

Lastly, the crew at Creatives DAO @chloe @JulianaM @tabear @frnvpr are in the process of expanding the council and I’m sure will continue to make significant progress in my absence. It’s been an honor!

I will remain on the Council of NxM throughout the month of January as we make the needed adjustments and welcome on board @nullzero @Monish016 & @Paul, and I will wait until JudeKIL from KIL is able to add another council before leaving there as well.

I’m looking forward to continue to interact with all of you through VanDAO and DAOrecords as we turn 2022 into the year of the Music DAOs!!! Much love to you all and Happy New Year!!!


As I could not add everyone in the post I’ll be adding them here - @ted.iv @mwhyden @JohnX @glazedbaguette.near @Mette @Symbolik @NatalieCrue @steven @JudeKIL


Proposal to Graffiti DAO

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Proposal to Arroz DAO

Proposal to Creatives DAO

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Proposal to Onboarding DAO



You’ve been incredible! Your work ethic is an inspiration!

Well done! :raised_hands::clap::clap::clap:


Thank you for everything you have done for our communities!
Looking forward to the exciting things this year holds for you as well :pray:t5:


Much love fam! It’s been a blessing to see you blossom into an amazing contributor to the ecosystem and will always do my best to support your endeavors!!!