[Proposal to House of Merit, approved, paid] ETHDam x Near sponsorship and bounty

Hello people of NDC,
We would like to support the ETHDam hackathon taking place in Amsterdam, April 12th through 14th.
Sponsoring ETH hackathons is a perfect opportunity to tap into global ETH dev communities, introduce them to Near and our bounties, and create some foot traffic for the developer retention funnel.

Sponsorship deck for the event

Request overview:

  • We request $20k to cover the basic sponsorship tier that would allow us to represent Near in a booth, host an IRL workshop and offer a bounty to the hackers
  • $6k is requested to fund the bounty pool (pre-approved by the orgs)
  • NEAR DevHub will support the presence on the ground sending 2 DevRel engineers and covering the travel expenses
  • We expect 600 hackers to attend ETHDam – all of them will be exposed to Near booth and technical workshop we’re hosting to support our bounty.
  • The expected number of Near submissions is 6-7 projects. DevHub will follow up with the hackers to ensure better retention in the ecosystem.

Why ETH Hackathons
Near is sponsoring 4 ETHGlobal hackathons and supporting ETHDenver along with ETHSeoul this year. Each hackathon we support allows us to tap into the global community of ETH devs, introduce our bounties and onboard Web3 engineers who would stick in the ecosystem and keep building their projects in the months to come.

Onboarding up to 17 projects at each hackathon we improve the monthly active developers numbers, create foot traffic on top of the developer retention funnel, and bring fresh blood into the ecosystem.

Post Execution Metrics:

  • Onboarded developers (through ShardDog) – up top 100
  • Submitted projects – up to 10



This is a great initiative! Since representatives of DevHub will be managing this event and likely covering their expenses, could you explain why DevHub isn’t funding it entirely?


Hey, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately the event sponsorships are not a part of DevHub’s scope anymore (but DevRel still is). We’re talk more about it at the Ecosystem Roundtable today, but ultimately the events will be managed by a newly appointed Committee going forward. This activation is time sensitive, and I’m not sure that the Committee will be set up in time for ETHDam, hence I’m requesting support from NDC.

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Hey Maria happy to support!


Thank you for the proposal @MariaYarotska.

I see the general metrics for “up to” a certain number of devs/projects onboarded to near, is there also a minimum number of devs/projects that this proposal is looking to support?

Or maybe worded another way, what are the minimum requirements for this activation to be “successful”?

Also, could you please clearly state the entire proposal amount? Seems like it’s for $26,000?

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Hey Chloe, thank you for your comment! The requested amount is $26k indeed, and $6k is going to the bounty winners. My estimate of devs/projects is on the optimistic side of things, I can’t make a better projection unfortunately because this is our first experience with ETHDam. I guess anywhere over 3 submissions and 50 devs would be a “success” for this.


Happy to support !
Let’s go ETHdam

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