[proposal] the phoenix live

TIME OF EVENT: 29th October 2022
LOCATION: Akure, Nigeria & NearHub

I am Li9htbulb, a singer- songwriter, producer who has been an active member of NXM & the Near ecosystem. I am here again to propose this groundbreaking event THE PHOENIX LIVE

My last project #PhoenixTheEP changed my life and has been a blessing to lot of people who have heard it. These three songs i wrote and performed with a story everybody can relate to: It is a story of never giving up on yourself and your dream.

I want to take this powerful message of hope live on stage backed up by one of the best live bands in Akure to give an epic performance. Each of the three songs will be performed in a more elaborate, extensive and immersive way with world-class sound, instrumentation & performance. The event will also include live performances by other NXM artistes and new artistes who will be onboarded into NXM.

THE PHOENIX LIVE: The event will take place in Akure, Nigeria & will also be live streamed on social media & NearHub

Our activities will go as follows,

  1. Exclusive interview on ADABA FM 88.9 Akure (a major radio station in Nigeria based in Akure) to talk about myself, my EP, NXM, Near Protocol & THE PHOENIX LIVE event . This to promote the event and let artistes around Akure hear of it.

Cost of interview $150

  • Rehearsal Space before event - $30 x 2 = $60 (For two days consecutive rehearsals) for me & other artistes who will perform on that day.

  • Space for the Live event( including decoration + renting of full live band instruments & sound equipments - $300

  • Graphics, Backdrop banner(1copy), Handposters(1000 copies), banners (2 copies) - $200

  • Instrumentalist (Drummer, keyboardist, Lead Guitarist, Bassist & Trumpeter/Saxophonist ) ( $200 [$40 each] )

Refreshment/Appreciation for performing artistes & band: $50

Logistics : $40

TOTAL : $1000


  1. With the interview on the radio,while I talk about my music and THE PHOENIX LIVE, I will also talk about NXM & the Near Ecosystem. This will reach hundreds of thousands of listeners in Akure. This will be great exposure for NXM & the NEAR protocol. This interview will be available in my social media to promote NXM & Near

  2. Tickets for this event will be sold via mintbase.

  3. In between my set during the concert, I will tell my journey in music and how NXM & The Near Ecosystem has helped my career and how it can help artistes and other peoples. It will be an educative and interactive section in a real life, practical way. I will onboard up to 20 music artistes and fans to NEAR & NXM and create wallets for them.

  4. Make NFTs of photographs of crowd reactions and interesting moments at THE PHOENIX LIVE.

PHOENIX EP is available on mintbase at Li9htbulb ft Prince Natural - Psalm23 by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase Li9htbulb featuring Gabriel - Pheoenix by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase Li9htbulb - One More by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase & on Tamago at TAMAGO

Twitter: twitter.com/li9htbulb IG: instagram.com/theli9htbulb Telegram: Telegram: Contact @li9htbulb johnwike.near

Cc @Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor