[Closed] the phoenix live (concert)

TIME OF EVENT: Last week of September 2022
LOCATION: Akure, Nigeria

I can say without doubt that my EP #PhoenixTheEP changed my life and has been a blessing to lot of people who have heard it.

At a time when I was almost giving up on my music, NXM gave me the support to move my music career and I would like to inspire thousands of artistes in Akure, Nigeria and millions in the environs that they shouldn’t give up and that with NXM, NEAR & Web3, they can achieve great things in their music career even if they are independent artistes.

This I intend to do by organising a major music concert titled THE PHOENIX LIVE where I perform the songs off THE PHOENIX EP & other major artistes in Akure also perform.

Our activities will go as follows,

  1. Exclusive interview on ADABA FM 88.9 Akure (a major radio station in Nigeria based in Akure) to talk about myself, my EP, NXM, Near Protocol & THE PHOENIX LIVE event . This to promote the event and let artistes around Akure hear of it.

Cost of interview $150


(i) Venue $150
(ii) Stage & venue Design $100
(iii) DJ & Rentage of Sound Equipment $150
(iv) Banners, Backdrop banner, Handbill, Graphics(Online Promo) $200
(v) Photography Coverage $100
(vii) Welfare & refreshment for organising team & Performing artistes) $100
(viii) Logistics $50

TOTAL : $1000


  1. With the interview on the radio,while I talk about my music and THE PHOENIX LIVE, I will also talk about NXM & the Near Ecosystem. This will reach hundreds of thousands of listeners in Akure. This will be great exposure for NXM & the NEAR protocol.

  2. I will mint NFTs of my interview on the radio where I am talking about NXM & NEAR on the radio.

  3. I will onboard not less than 20 music artistes and fans to NEAR & NXM and create wallets for them.

  4. Make NFTs of photographs of crowd reactions and interesting moments at THE PHOENIX LIVE.

PHOENIX EP is available on mintbase at https://www.mintbase.io/thing/8yGdehtsINYBY_GCVm3yHO82vGe1NIUY8HVuYxK8xzw:opennxm.mintbase1.near https://www.mintbase.io/thing/iEUlB6tEBjiL0WrUvoWpK942Fe5xfj2bt-EOtXNeOVA:opennxm.mintbase1.near https://www.mintbase.io/thing/G3k-CjuIEZj7mfPexDRvA0c8-8CA2JwkpLgXCQ7q0rg:opennxm.mintbase1.near & on Tamago at TAMAGO

Twitter: twitter.com/li9htbulb IG: instagram.com/theli9htbulb Telegram: Telegram: Contact @li9htbulb johnwike.near

Cc @Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor


Dear @JohnWike,

Thank you for your proposal.

Sorry to inform the proposal is not approved after council review. Due to the limitation in funding, we only can support a small number of proposals that clearly state the potential value added to the community, with detail action plan, reasonable cost breakdown.

We invite you to revise & put up proposal in the next funding round!

Thank you!

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Sad to hear this but we move. Like the #Phoenix we rise again in next month’s proposal.

Thanks @williamx