[PROPOSAL] "(The french shelter to the south-american literary Boom"

Hello friends,

@frnvpr introduced me to this group and I’m very excited to propose a project that I have been interested for some time. I have been active in the NEAR community before, mainly Incubadora DAO and Cudo DAO projects.

Would love to get feedback on this, and if this project is something excites other members, I would be really happy to start working on it.

Thank you all for your attention.


Project " O abrigo francês ao Boom literário sul americano" (The french shelter to the south-american literary Boom" - George Ortega -

Project proposer:

Name: George Ortega

Near Wallet: gortega.near

Bio: My name is George Ortega. My writing intersects the literary, theatre, philosophy and poetry. I’m interested in fragmented texts that explore the intersection between literature, poetry, theatre and philosophy. I have studied theatre in the UK, Philosophy in Belgium and Literature in Portugal. I am the founder of “Collective 21”, a performance art group that developed site-specific projects.

Brief description:

This project aims to develop *** 2 essays and 2 short stories** about the exile of many south-american writers and their strong relationship with the country of destination, in this case France.

keywords: Argentine literary boom. Contemporary Latin writers. Mariana Enriquez, Samanta Schweblin.


The resulting texts will be minted as NFT’s, and the the essays will be used to produce a seminar.

These will be minted on the Writer’s Guild Mintbase store, and the seminar will be offered to the Writer’s Guild community.


  • This projects aims to map and develop guidelines for understanding the intellectual and literary relationships between some south-american countries (Mexico, Argentina, Chile) and France, in the context of Romanticism and the formation of national literatures.

  • Our premise is to analyze the process of shelter of Argentine/Latin American writers in Paris. In this sense, we seek to conceptualize the practice of what, in the face of such events, we have come to call inter-American literature, that is, a reorientation of comparatism of European origin in American latitudes in the face of the problem of literary autonomy emerging from the intersection of Argentinean and French national poetics from the displacement of Latin American writers in transit or exile in the city of Paris between the 1970s and 1980s.

  • In these years, the number of writers who adopt a “foreign” language as a language of creation has become larger and larger, giving rise to works produced within what we call “linguistic-literary migrations” - an instigating intercultural dialogue between the mother tongue and the language-culture of adoption, in the midst of displacements within geographical and identity territories. Some writers critically address this personal and singular experience that situates them, despite their similarities, on a privileged and distinct plane in relation to the subjects involved in contemporary international migrations. As a final product, we have as a literary goal the production of four essays about the influence of these literary migrations on writers such as Julio Cortázar, Julio Ramón Ribeyro and Adolfo Bioy Casares. We include one last essay, with a contrary migration, as was the case of Witold Gombrowicz , who found shelter in Argentina.

  • In these essays we want to share the works produced within the context of linguistic-literary migration and its new questions concerning the reception of literary texts, which are plural and polysemic by nature.

  • In these texts, multiple viewpoints intersect, for a given text or author will interact with readers belonging to different cultures who will receive these texts in different ways, thus giving rise to the infinite dance of alterities, of self-discovery in the vision of the Other, the Other who is the only instance capable of seeing us completely since he/she observes us from the outside.


  • May: writing 2 essays and 2 short stories

  • June: seminar production + seminar presentation. ( future proposal)

Budget request:

  • For May (writing. writing 2 essays and 2 short stories): 600$

Thank you to the council of the Writer’s Guild


Sorry for the long delay in providing feedback. We think your proposal is exciting and has great value and we only request that you split your proposal so that May’s writing is one proposal and the seminar in June is a second proposal.


Hello Ashley,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Much appreciated. I already edited the proposals.

Kind Regards

George Ortega


Hello @ortega, hope you’re doing well! Would you mind adding a report in this comment thread about your progress? It does not have to be as detailed - but you can follow the format posted here: [COMPLETED] Latin American dramaturgy trilogy (May, 2022) - #6 by JohnFaus

Hello Ashley, hope you are well. I will sent all the completed work and the report on saturday night.

Kind Regards.

George Ortega

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Hi @AshleyC hope you are well.
This project was an endurance movement that gave me all the content and the results that I wanted.
When I was writing the short-stories and the essays, I had an intense and compulsive weeks of writing the texts, at the same time I was absolutely satisfied to find new things about the genius masters that I wanted to explore. I thought on the implementations and the conceptual analysis I had an intense struggle trining to fix the structure of this project, but I tried to expanded even more during my time writing and again the I rediscovered my passion. The project finally was an addition, to my statement and the objective elements such as new found texts of the writers that are my long obsession in the Latin minded intellectuals. I found the movement that I wanted the rhythm of the latin flow, and the description of the scenarios and I wanted to intersect of the texts. I don´t even understand what my objective was, but I´m purely satisfied with the undergoing.

A identidade do Abrigo Latino.pdf (84.4 KB)
Abrigo.pdf (179.4 KB)
Carta de Cortázar à Argentina.pdf (88.0 KB)
Martine.pdf (80.0 KB)


and here is an english translation, for reference. Bear in mind that these are translated on deepl.com.

Martine En Translation Writers Guilds.pdf (102.1 KB)
A Identidade do Abrigo Latino Eng Translation Writers Guild.pdf (118.3 KB)
Abrigo1 Eng Translation Writers Guild.pdf (191.7 KB)
Carta de Cortázar à Argentina Eng Translation Writers Guild.pdf (105.1 KB)

I will now ask the payout on astrodao :wink:

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