[Proposal] The Discuss


Take a moment to imagine Socrates, John Locke, Karl Max, Lao Tzu, Rumi etc all seated at a table having a discussion.

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That would be epic!

Even if they were just talking about the most boring and mundane thing, they would be dropping some mind blowing and life changing nuggets. Though, we can not bring these great men and women together now, there are people in our generation who have insight and clarity of thought. They have in their personal space asked the crucial questions on life and come to original knowledge. I have come across philosophical minds like this over time. I remember Kelechi Uzodiniru (aka Kissyface Tiger) & @AugustKinge You can wake these guys from sleep and ask them any question about life and what they will tell you will blow your mind. I believe we have all come across people like this around us. They are not echoing the ideology of anybody or trying to make you a convert to any religion, they are only asking you to open your eyes and mind to the universal truth of life.

Bring people like this together to discuss issues like love, morality, mortality, divinity, money and other issues that concern humanity in this present age will be groundbreaking and a milestone in advancement of human thought. The fate of humanity depends to reevaluate what we believe and learn.

With this in mind I propose to The PHILOSOPHERSDAO the project titled THE DISCUSS

The project will start with a BOUNTY (#WhatDoYouSay) open to everybody , where we ask 3 questions about life and the 2 most insightful and original response will selected be as winners to be part of the THE DISCUSS, where they will discuss on various topics like love, death, money, morality etc and it which will take place on PhilosophersDAO telegram live call or Twitter Space or any other audio recordable platform The philosophers dao is active in.

It will be recorded and people will be able to join and listen.

  1. Major highlights of the discuss will be Minted as audioNFTs

2.The discussions will be transcripted with additional contributions by the two discussants, editted and made into a digital book.

  1. Inspirational Nuggets & Quotes will also be minted as NFTs

There’s so much we can do with the insights we get from the discuss. It will be an additional content for PhilosophersDAO


$50 for each of the 2 discussants($50x2=$100).

$50 for logistics and graphics

$100 for organising the Bounty, The Discuss, researching & creating the digital book

TOTAL: $250

Cc @thephilosopher @adrimobbs


Thank you, @JohnWike, for your submission. We would like to know more about your proposal and maybe suggest some steps in order to improve it.

First, it would be interesting if you choose a specific subject, instead of many, in order to make people to talk about the same thing in the bounty. The choice can be better made and also the discussion, if people are talking about the same subjects.

Second, we would like to know how do you intend to select the winners. It would be better if the DAO votes on the winners, in order to stimulate people from the DAO to participate and to stimulate transparency in the choices, given that likes and votes from anon people (people not known by the members of the DAO) can distort the bounty. And it would also be good if some criteria was made to choose real philosophers for the bounty. In fact, if philosophers and university professors from your country were chosen by you (and accept the call), we could have a way to expand our community to the Academy of your country. Do you mind tell us where are u based?

Third, we think it could be better if the discussion is held on youtube or streamyard, in order for people to see the participants and the discussion to be recorded in our youtube channel. And it would be nice if the chosen people were academic philosophers that the project could onboard on the blockchain. And it would be good if there are subtitles for the youtube video, in order for people to understand, even with the different accents that people around the world can have.

A question: who is going to receive for creating the NFTs and for organizing the project?

This question leads me to a difficult point, which is the fact that we have many projects going on, so we cannot fund expensive projects. We generally fund small projects from people outside the dao. The idea is for us to be able to fund more projects that bring philosophers to the blockchain or that make them to use the blockchain and be more integrated in the ecosystem. So it would be interesting and according to the DAO’s mission that the project has some metrics like that.

Do u think u could reduce the cost of your project? Maybe you could reduce it to 250 usd? For example, 2 philosophers discussants earning 75 usd each one, and you earning 100 usd for organizing everything and creating the relative NFTs?

We are asking that because, given our projects and given the projects submitted to us by people outside the dao, we do not have much available resources to fund them all. In fact, to fund the submitted projects, we would have to remove some of our old projects from the budget, or significantly reduce them. So we are trying to fund smaller projects, at first, and evaluate their metrics and report.

Do u think u can make academic philosophers to onboard on near blockchain and in our telegram, instead of being just people from the community?

An official digital book has more than 50 or 60 pages. Are u going to make a digital book? Are u sure that the chosen people will be able to write so much in less than one month? Speaking of which, it would be interesting if u add timelines in your proposal (what u are going to do in each day or week). Please remember to make everything to happen in 3 weeks max in your timeline.

And as a general rule, in case your project is accepted, we would have to make a video call to know you IRL and all the people involved in the project, when they get involved. If u could send us your curriculum vitae or portfolio of activities on near up to now, we would be very glad. We want to know the best we can the people that we fund.

I also like to remember that our DAO’s main intention is to bring philosophers to the blockchain and to make them use near web3 apps, and also bring people to our telegram as a means to grow our community. So if you could add metrics like that and other important ones in a specific section together with the products you are going to produce, we would be glad too. We would evaluate your project according to the metrics and products, when we evaluate the success of your project.

Please, tag us when you answer.


Thanks for your response @thephilosopher

First all, we will have a specific subject where the all discussants will talk about, question each other and make additional contributions.

Secondly, like I said, we will first do an open bounty, open to people within and outside the near ecosystem & DAO(those outside the DAO & near ecosystem will be onboarded)

Winners will be selected by votes either by DAO via astrodao or wherever the DAO decide .Whatever you like.

Inasmuch as I respect academic philosophers, I believe this bounty is to encourage people to think. That philosophy is not just a academic pursuit but a necessary requirement of our human existence. The Discuss is to encourage people they should use their analytical mind to see and address issues and not to be easily brainwashed. Listening to words of wisdom from someone with a degree is impressive but when you listen to wisdom from an autodidact who got knowledge from observing, studying and years of experience will truly inspire people that they too can observe more and think better.

The fact is that I hope that the discussants come from different part of the world, so we can get balanced view from different background, culture and view point. Whatever platform can give us good audio & possibly good video that they can all be interacting with each other while an audience is listening, would be fine. Yes, there would be subtitles.

Because I had the vision of the project, I guess I should organise it but I will always reach out to the DAO leaders incase of support and be transparent so they can see how it is going.

The idea of the Digital book is to transcibe the discussion into a written form. Working with the discussants, expanding on what they said, with additional write ups, with more research, I believe we can get more 50pages.

The project will take place within 3 weeks. Week 1 for the bounty to get the philosophers, first part of week 2 for The discuss, last part of week 2 & week3 to create the digital book.

Concerning the COST.I understand your slim budget but $250 is too small for us to create a quality project. We shouldn’t have 2 philosophers so it is not a Me Vs You discussion. So, let’s make it 3 philosophers so there can be always two pair of eyes and opinions to every issue. Let’s give each of these philosophers $100 since asides from the discuss, we will still work with them to make the digital book. Though they deserve more but for the sake of the tight budget, we can make do with that.

$100 for me, for graphics, organising the discuss, researching and working on the digital book.

$100 will be used to creating NFTs, transcripting, copywriting and typing the Digital book.

(3X100) + 100+ 100 = 500

TOTAL: $500

You want know me more:

I am John Wike aka Li9htbulb, a musician, writer & film enthusiast. I am based in Akure, Nigeria. I am the founder of DAOLLYWOOD, council member on CULINARY DAO & a member of NXM, BeatDaO and many other DAOs in the near ecosystem.

Any other thing you want to know about me, feel free to ask.

I am open for video calls & the 3 philosophers when they win the bounty will be told to make themselves available for video call.


  1. Help people give answers to questions troubling them.

  2. Engage people in & outside the Near ecosysten in philosophy & the philosophy dao

  3. Onboard people who are not in the near Ecosystem but wish to be part of the bounty.

  4. Create the digital book, which will be a profitable and useful NFT.

& many more.

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So, what do you say @thephilosopher ?

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Your project seems interesting (although not academic focused), but, as I said before, (1) we do not have the space in our budget for paying what you are requesting (given the existence of many other projects in hold in our DAO for funding); (2) we have to be sure about your capability of gathering philosophers together for this bounty, because philosophers are difficult to get the participation if you don’t know them, even more if they have to make other steps beyond discussion to make a digital book; and (3) I am against funding any project from people that tries to put pressure on us to approve it fast, as u did on telegram and in our funding proposal. So my opinion for now is that we should not fund this project in the next funding proposal.

Do you have a different opinion, @jsc2022.near and @adrimobbs?

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This is one of the best statements I have read on the platform. This is what true decentralisation should be about. That is what a forum should be for.

Thank you so much.

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@thephilosopher as I did on telegram? I don’t get what u mean by that. On your funding proposal, I just asked for a response to my proposal(maybe you guys didn’t see it). I wasn’t putting pressure, after all the decision is yours.

$500 is not too much for what we intend to do. I believe it will be a good addition to your next proposal.

From my answer to your questions, I have shown that I can successfully handle the project.

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Hi, @JohnWike. It is true that 500 is not much for what u intend to do. Nevertheless, as I said, we have many projects to fund next month. We will have a debate just like yours, made by @elanmarinho, but on youtube. He is a known interviewer on philosophy, that has an audience of Brazilian philosophers that are a probable source of onboarding and that love debates in Portuguese. Your project is more community driven, in the sense that takes people from the community, which is also fine and good to stimulate participation, but it is in English, what will reduce participation of many undergrad members of our community, because they do not talk in English so well. Beyond that, we have more 2 other projects, one from @caiosouto and another from @rosasdulces that we also fund. We also fund monthly scholarships to philosophers at undergrad or postgrad school. And we also fund artistic bounties with the intention of bring philosophy to blockchain through visual art. So for us to fund u with 500 usd, we would have to reduce funding from other projects. With 200 usd or 250 usd, we can manage to put it in our budget, with a small reduction in other projects, and have an experience with your proposal, as we are doing with @BigM007’s proposal. Do you understand? I do not want to devaluate your project, but I am talking about our real conditions and intentions for using our budget. Do you want to reorganize your budget to follow what we can fund for this project?


Okay. I appreciate your patience in explaining. Due to the positive impact I believe this project will have on people within and outside the near ecosystem, I will make use of the $250.

I will reduce the discussants to two and pay them $50 each. Will use $100 for logistic for the discuss & graphics. And the remaining $50 for research & creation of the digital book.

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Your actual budget sums up to 300 instead of 250. Would u fix it, please? Concerning the structure of the budget, u can put:

2 x 50 usd (2 participants - bounty)
150 usd (managing the project - @JohnWike)

I remember that we are going to pay in near in the conversion rate we receive from near.

I call here @jsc2022.near to book a video call with u. After the video call and after u edit your proposal to include what we talked here (in case u didn’t), we can approve your proposal.

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Thanks for the correction. $250 it is. No qualm. Video call, edit proposal…no problem.

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@jsc2022.near @thephilosopher i am ready for the video call. Lets fix the app. Telegram or otherwise.

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Hello David @JohnWike I think we could make the call on Friday. What do you think? What is your country? (to choose the best time for both).


@jsc2022.near i am in Nigeria. Lets make it in the evening, from 6pm (West african time) upwards. Thanks

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Perfect! I’m in Italy now, so we’re only an hour apart! Could it be at 06pm from Italy? (7pm from Nigeria). Thanks.


Cool okay. Pick a date and the app we will use. Let’s do the call. @jsc2022.near

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Still waiting to arrange the video call so this project gets added to this month’s proposal. @jsc2022.near @thephilosopher

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Sorry for the time @jsc2022.near is taking to book the meeting, but he is traveling and will come back here soon.

But I imagine you saw that the funds are being suspended until the Creatives has new guidelines. So although your project was approved to be added to our October Funding Proposal, it seems there will be no funding in October. And from November, we will have to adequate our projects to the new Creatives guidelines. That being said, we will have to evaluate your project again (and all the other projects from the dao) after the new guidelines are released. For now, we know that the guidelines should be in agreement with NF’s goals, described by them in the call they had with the moderators. Please check the them below, in order to make your submission the most adequate you can to the new goals.

NF Goals.pdf (45.5 KB)

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