[Proposal] The Cillyverse experience EP Launch, Concert and NFT project

Hello, Community.
After of discussion on this project, I decided to post this on behalf of @cillsoul due to the limitations on her account as a newbie to the forum.

Cillsoul is an Afrocentric soul singer from Lagos Nigeria, she’s also a band member of the dynamic band group called Loud, Here’s a brief intro about her.

The title of the just released E.P project is Something cilly and it was launched on the 23rd of July 2022.
She wants to make an NFT version that will give her listeners a chance to not just listen but be a part of her growth as an artist.
Followed with the Nft release, she will be holding a concert for her fans called The Cillyverse Experience where she will have fans come around to enjoy live music and purchase her NFTs backed up by her merch which will be attached to her NFTs as unlockables.

Here are pictures from the just concluded listening party at the launch which was attended by some reputable names in the music scene here in Lagos.

Something Cilly Listening Party

Attendees to the recent E.P listening party:
Johnny drille
Ric Hassani
Loud (music group)
amongst others.


  • The concert will be a 4-hour concert.
  • An event hall will be hired along with a stage setup and sitting area.
  • Hire of live band equipment.
  • Onboarding of attendees and opening of Near wallets through airdrop links
  • NFT exhibition and sales
  • Live video coverage of the entire event to be posted on Cill Soul youtube and Blaqk Stereo Youtube channel


Item Description Price $USD
Venue Ahava cafe lounge venue comes with chairs 400
Music instruments Live band instruments with DJ 250
Video coverage Cameras, lights, gaffers and DOP 450
Banner Print of 2 banners (each cost $50 100
photography Picture coverage 100
Total _______ 1,300


  • Minting of Something cilly EP. 4 songs.
  • 1 Video content for our youtube channel
  • Onboarding and opening of at least 50 Near wallets
  • Increased engagement on Blaqk Stereo Astro Dao.

Payout request: $1,300.


Update on the Cillyverse concert

Hello, creatives.
After some discussion with @cillsoul, the Cillyverse concert has been rescheduled for October.

  • For proper marketing to get a wider reach and higher engagement.
  • October happens to be @cillsoul birth month so naturally we believe her fans will be more receptive to whatever she requests of them.

Thanks for your understanding.

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