[Report] Cilliverse concert

Hello Creatives,
This is a report of my just concluded concert.

We had a swell time making music and networking in the cillyverse concert. The concert held in Ahava cafe lounge where people came around to listen to live music chill and learn about web3 and some of the beautiful things happening in Near.
Below are links to the social media posts:


Due to the limitation on new account uploading media, I will post more pictures from the event in the comment area:


NFT vid clips from this event are currently undergoing edit and mixing, once done, they will be minted to Blaqk stereo mintbase store and links will be provided in this report.

Full concert video is still being edited and would be uploaded soon.


we opened 4 wallets for interested fans that wish to purchase the NFTs from the cillyverse concert once minted.

  • bigcera.near
  • Ritanthony.near
  • Preciousobeahonyahoocom.near
  • waledaniel.near

Special thanks to #blaqk-stereo for their support in making this become a reality.
cc @Hawwal

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More images here: