[Near Meet] Cill Soul

Hello, everyone.
My name is Chioma Ogbonna, popularly known as Cill soul.
I am a singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Lagos, Nigeria.
I was introduced to web 3 and the Near protocol through @Hawwal, I have been into music for a while now, to read more about me, here’s my EPK (Electronic press kit).
Below are links to my pages:


IG : @cillsoul 14.7k followers
Twitter : @cillsoul 2775 followers
Youtube : Cill Soul - YouTube 21 k Subscribers with over a million views.

It would really be a privilege to learn and grow in this newfound community of creatives and crypto enthusiasts alike.



You very much welcome to the Near community @cillsoul, Looking forward to the amazing projects we be creating for the Near community through Blaqk Stereo Dao. @CommunityDAO Please help welcome CillSoul :slight_smile: