[Closed] for Dance Dao for the Month of June

[Proposal] Dance DAO funding for the Month of June

Council members

Target: dance-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Funds Requested: $5000

Report for the month of May

Sub project1 summary : Sheeloh battle ground a dance DAO proposal under creative that would use a popular dance battle show in port harcourt to onboard dancers and introduce them to near ecosystem and making a customize wallet for dancer so they can use the medium to choose near as their official exchange


Sub project2 summary: From Roxy (The Entertainer), one of the post-production and Cinematography Crew of the C1 Guild. I am directly involved in some of the artworks and visual contents posted by some members of the Ecosystem; to teach and educate dancers about Nearprotocol and create wallets for dancers too using street dance and street


Sub project3 summary: From ojukwu a designer based in Abuja planning on onboarding dancers by creating costumes for dancer in a unique set up, this would be in African culture set up

500$ in Dai

Dance clinic

Sub project 1,2,3,4total

500$+500$+1000$+500$+1000$= 3000$

for show your moves #2 :

A project held by dance DAO monthly 600$

DAO Management $1000

Purchase of NFTS $200

Social media management $200

Sub project: 3000$+ 600$+1000$+200$+200$= 5000$

Total funding requested 5000$


All the projects are incredible


:man_dancing::dancer::man_dancing::dancer::man_dancing::dancer::raised_hands::star_struck: Go Go gooooo :fire::heart:


go dance dao!! it’s wonderful to participate and contribute with the growing of this community!! looking forward to see all these projects being released!
my best regards!


This looks great, but i’d love to see some sneak peeks of all the sub-projects!


@Benz_Near you’re going love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: all are good project, so expect a revert and good tidings from them soon


These are great proposals!!!

Let’s get to work Dance DAO!!!


I’m looking foward to see all of this projects coming to life! Go dance DAO :woman_cartwheeling::dancer:t5::man_dancing:


Hi!! I can help here showing what we released with MobiDance 2 last month:
we produced a serie of 4 videodances, all turned to NFT, minted on dancedao’s store on Mintbase

you can check the preformances here:

and the NFTs, that contentes an edition/ transposition of the performance to NFT language, a gif as cover art and a forever document with links to the telematic event and with a semblance of the artists who participated :purple_heart:


on time: we didn’t plan to produce the NFTs, but DanceDao moderators invited us to mint, so we made this collaborative process with the dancers, that envolved choosing the part of video to be minted, edit it and produce the forever document.

hope you like


Beautiful and creative proposals, looking forward to it! :heart:


Thank you! Looks awesome


Hope you like it? :+1:
We are expecting great report from our sub projects for this month after been approved….


@HevertonHarieno @adrianseneca @tedivted @MonishMuralidharan @NearFritz

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Hello Hello!

U might like to apply for funding the next month partner, as one of the rules is that we receive proposals from the 1st to the 7th day of the month.

Also, we will ask for metrics so you can take the opportunity to think about which metrics you can use to meassure the success of your projects.

Big hug!


Hi, great DAO and amazing outputs.

But I am wondering do the team or the DANCE DAO ever consider on how to be self-sustain? Because I don’t think keep asking for funding is a healthy way to grow your DAO


Hello partners, we decided to receive proposals until 12th even when the guidelines say 7th. Next month we will be more strict for sake of fairness.

I need to ask a question, do you received funding from Creatives DAO before? If that’s so, there is a report?

Can you partners introduce yourselves here:


Hi @FritzWorm
Thanks for the consideration of accepting proposal, we would do all possible to submit earlier before 7th next time

Yes :raised_hands: we’ve received funding from creative before check it out :point_down: :arrow_down:

Report :arrow_down:

Thanks once again.
Big hugs :people_hugging: :grin:


In that case, we will take this proposal into account for June!

Please share metrics of success :wink: how are you going to measure your success partners?


Hi partner @FritzWorm
Thanks for the involvement of June.
Since we have sub projects, we would do a follow up on them, to make sure all reports and metrics are exactly as mentioned on the proposal
Metrics would be submitted along side with the report as follows:

  1. How the community grew
  2. The engagement gotten from our socials
  3. Our increase and success
  4. Collab done with other community
  5. number of NFTS created, plus Metaverse meetings and attendance
    And new dancers :dancer: onboarded
    @FritzWorm can this be edited to approve yet??

@Psalmy it seems you have created a poll in the Creatives DAO without having the approval of the Creatives Moderators: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-488