[Proposal] Stateless Art - cooperative blockchain art protocol

Project title: Stateless Art

One-liner: A cooperative NFT platform

Project DAO: stateless-art-dao.dev-1610115292586-3217148 (deployed on testnet)

Challenge area: Propose your own challenge


Repo: statelessart on github

Project members

  • ilan katin (ilan_katin.near / ilan_katin.testnet)
  • Sparrow (sparrow.near / sparrow.testnet)
  • Lenara (lenara.near / lenara.testnet)
  • Serste (serste.near / serste2.testnet)
  • Mattia Cuttini (mattiac.near / mattiacuttini.testnet)
  • Mlibty (mlibty.near / mlibtytest.testnet)
  • Isa Kost (isakost.near / isakost.testnet)

Twitter: statelessArt

Project summary

Main Challenge:

Create and manage a cooperative NFT minting platform using DAOs.

Functions desired for the cooperative:

  • Onboard and vet members
  • Decide on percentages and amount of funds to be received and managed collectively
  • Receive collective funds from NFT sales
  • Distribute collective funds to members
  • Provide minting, collecting and display tools aligned with cooperative values
  • Build on open source tools and release as open source

This challenge welcomes proposals addressing one or more points of the above list, as well as adding points to the list of functions desired.

We will be submitting our own solution, and one of the key values we are looking for is interoperability and composability.

Ideally, this challenge will result in a toolset available for use, allowing independent groups to build several coop instances, with each being able to choose which parts are more appropriate to implement for their unique goals.

Stateless Art Cooperative:

STATELESS aims to be one of the first completely cooperative run NFT minting platforms. Artworks published through the STATELESS contract will be acquired from artists to be sold. Artworks are acquired with the understanding that a significant portion of the sales will be distributed equally between the members and the remaining for the continued maintenance and development of the site.

Each STATELESS member will also be able to mint new works using the STATELESS contract. These works will not be acquired by the funds of the cooperative but the sale will be distributed in the same way as acquired works.

Selection of the works to be acquired will be at the discretion of each member but consulted with through a deliberation process with all other members before the work is minted.

After an artist’s work has been acquired, that artist has the possibility to become a STATELESS member and continue minting new works using the STATELESS contract.

New members will be added over time, with a limit to the number per year (exact figure still to be determined). Full membership means the ability to initiate an acquisition of an artwork by another artist who is not yet white listed on STATELESS, as well as the above mentioned ability to mint using the STATELESS contract.

STATELESS aims to be blockchain agnostic, with its first instance built on the NEAR blockchain.

Tools we will be using on NEAR:

  • Sputnik DAO
  • Mintbase SDK
  • Custom revenue distribution contract


Our DAO is currently deployed on testnet, since we will be connecting it to Mintbase testnet as we develop our solution during the hackathon. At a later point we will deploy the polished solution on mainnet and can connect to a mainnet DAO.

For now we have three team members in the testnet DAO council. This way we can do the initial testing with a lean council. Other team members might be voted in as the need arises during the testing phase.


Update: We added 4 more team members to the council via vote.

This also served as a SputnikDAO onboarding session for those who didn’t have previous experience with it.

The team is interested in having a Telegram channel connected to the NEARup bot in order to get notified quickly when new proposals become available for voting, so we will configure this next.


@lenara This proposal looks great. We accepted the payout proposal as an exception to the contest rules, since you guys are building on testnet, but we would love to see the project on mainnet at some point when you all present!


Thanks @thelastjosh !

Mintbase just launched on mainnet so it seems very much doable until the end of the hackathon. We will be working on integrating the DAO with our custom contract and their SDK on testnet for another week and then will move to mainnet.


We have updated the post to include our presentation slides

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A few more relevant links:

Minting contract activity on testnet (via Mintbase API)

Example NFT with 50/50 split between artist and coop

Hackathon slides (summary for 5 min presentation)

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Hi @lenara @silantnode @Sparrow @serste @mlibty Mattia and Isa,
Congratulations on winning the grand prize! :boom: :clap:
Your team will receive a payout of 1562.5 NEAR ($5000 with a $3.20 conversion rate). Can you please create a mainnet SputnikDAO with all the team members on the council, so that we can send the payout there?


We are super thrilled at winning the prize! We will create the mainnet DAO and let you know as soon as it is up.

Thank you on behalf of the Stateless coop!


Thanks @silantnode let me know when it’s up and we’ll send the funds!

@mashton … we have our dao set up now thanks to @lenara


please let us know what we need to provide in order for you to send us the funds.

I created the proposal here SputnikDAO I’ll let the other council members know to vote. When that proposal passes, the funds will transfer to your DAO. :tada: