[Proposal] Spoken Word Bounty 2.0

The previous edition of this bounty was a blast! Check out the report [here]([Report] Spoken Words artist Bounty
We have decided to bring this contest back for the following reasons:

  1. Engage with previously onboarded spoken word artist in how community.

  2. Onboard new spoken word artist to Near Creatives Dao

  3. Give visibility for Near and its ecosystem tools; spoken word fosters on Near attributes.

  4. Teach newbies how to interact with Near dapps.


• We onboarded 25+ spoken word artists; web 3.0 newbies

• Entries amassed over 3k+ views on twitter

• Spoken word entries were focused on Near an its attributes. Thus, newbies had to make their research about Near before hoping on the contest.

• Participants were taught on how to operate some Near Dapps. (Mintbase and Astrodao)

• Created 25+ Near wallet

• Deployed a marketplace on mintbase to trade spoken words NFT

• 16+ NFT minted.

The process:

  1. Create a 60 seconds video expressing yourself in any language

  2. Spoken word must include Near and its attributes (Projects on near, Dapps on Near, etc)

  3. Spoken word must be minted on any Near NFT marketplaces.

  4. Spoken word must be posted on twitter with hashtag #SpokenwordswithNear

Prizes/Budget for 2 months:

Bounty will be open for 2 months on Astrodao for anyone to claim. After the participant have successfully completed the bounty task, on chain members of Near x Art will review and vote.


  • $35 for 15 participants - $525

  • Social media promotion: $55

Total: $580

Prove of Work:

Despite how challenging it was to onboard Spoken Word Artist in the first edition of this contest, Near x Art team strived and delivered result.

Key Metrics & Deliverables:

  • Facilitate onchain activities & decentralization through the voting system

  • Onboard 10 - 20 spoken word artist

  • Near wallet activation for participant to interact with Dapps on Near

  • 3 educational videos materials on how to interact with marketplaces on Near.

  • Visibility for Near and its attributes via the Spoken word entry that fosters on Near.

  • Creation of 20+ spoken word NFT.

  • Exploring other marketplaces on Near other than mintbase.