Proposal [SPIRITYUT -X- D19 LOUNGE] July 2023

  1. Project Description:

This project is aimed at establishing a long term partnership with D-19 lounge in ajao estate, Lagos-Nigeria. This is in order for us to have a more expanded opportunity to market the The DAO as well as the Ecosystem, and also to create an opportunity for subsequent collaborations with them. To do this, we contacted the DJ of the lounge; DJ Mecury who is a part of SpiritYut DAO, and made him aware of our plans. After concluding on an agreement we made the following arrangement.

Firstly, this lounge been a hotspot for various types of creatives will be an opportunity to inform web2 artistes about the benefits of web3 and audio NFTs. To consolidate this information, we will be displaying our NFTs (both audio and visual) at the lounge using a projector or TV set, while also educating participants about NEAR ecosystem, NFTs and Blockchain tech. Our event is a gathering to reward participants who join the SpiritYut community and become supportive members of the DAO. We plan on promoting this event through social media platforms like WhatsApp group, Instagram and Twitter over the course of one month. Our goal is to have at least 100 members join our WhatsApp group to create awareness with activities lined up prior to the time of the event and pretty much afterwards. WhatsApp is very popular in Nigeria and is good for this Purpose.

This location (Ajao Estate) is central on the Mainland which has the Lagos Airport in it’s environs and is connecting various places where majority of Spirityut members are located. With this in place it will serve as the perfect location to pull in the crowd we need for this event.

Below is a link to the event center/workplace of DJ Mecury.

D19 Lounge Instagram page

We are looking to have this event centre as a conducive spot for Spirityutdao entertainers to grow their popularity through performances of specific #Audionft music minted in the Near Blockchain and through this collaboration seal that plan.

By using this first collaboration as a doorway to a solid partnership, we would be having IRL showcasing every fridays as partners and invite new members that will be Onboarded and educated about Spirityut Dao as this is a “Long Term Plan”. This would be a Spirityut entertainment base as this location has vibrant youths that can support the SpiritYut community in various ways in long run.

  1. Project Expected Outcome
  • Spirityut establishing partnership with D19

  • Onboarding at least 100 members through promotional activities & final event.

  • Creation of valuable content for marketing purposes.

  • Education of attendees about Near, Web3 & Spirityut.

  • Promotion of NEAR musicians and their craft.

  • Improved engagement with social media channels of both The DAO and the Ecosystem.

  1. Project Activities & Timeline
  • July 3rd - Opening of WhatsApp Group for individuals to join

  • July 3rd – July 6th Opening of Near wallets for new members as they come in the group. (note: this is expected to continue for as long as we have new people coming on board till the D-day)

  • July 4th - Begin Instagram publicity by affiliated social media influencer with link below


  • July 6th - Twitter engagement post creation
    Details: Tag 3 people you will attend this educational & entertainment IRL event with, as reference would be made to the #Nearprotocol & #creatives Dao

Winners would be announced on the 24th of July,
Prize: N2, 000 (Nigerian naira)
We are expected to have 19 winners overall.

  • July 10th - Near Creatives & specific affiliates begin to post about event on their Instagram pages to create more publicity.

  • July 29th - D day

The core team members to be worked with on this project include:

  • DJ Mecury
  • Sophie
  • Zamael
  • Tune
  • Tobyparadise
  • Bigwis
  • Deetee
  1. Project Budget:
  • Promotions & awareness creation: $70

  • Venue location = $100

  • Drinks & refreshments = $100

  • Community giveaways = $100

  • ($50) - Answering questions correctly at event after education

  • ($50) - Swapped to Naira and shared for online event promotional tasks such as:

  • Following NEAR & Spirityut on socials, Retweeting & tagging people you would attend event with,

  • Inviting friends to join the SpiritYut WhatsApp group opened for the event.

Anchor of Event: Spirityut Dj Mercury.

Total Requested amount: $370

Wallet Address: spirityutdao.sputnik-dao.near