[Proposal] Sowing Seeds monthly residence - Joe Armitage (September)


I’m Joe from Leeds, UK and I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in Lisbon, and a good friend of the Garden Community. After collaborations between Muti and Ouriço (which I am a part of), I am relatively familiar with the Near Ecosystem and platform. Here’s a brief summary about my view of my chosen area for this project proposal - photography - and why I have decided to apply.

When I take photos I aim to present the audience with an alternative and unique interpretation of otherwise familiar places - in an attempt to highlight unnoticed beauty and show a fresh point of view; one which is vibrant in colour and unorthodox in photographic composition.

For this project I would like to take a series of 7 photos (I picked this number as Lisbon is built on 7 hills) that present the audience with a unique interpretation and fresh ‘gaze’ of central Lisbon - with the focus and theme being ‘pastel shades’. After living in Lisbon for 6 years and seeing the city in many different lights, both metaphorically and literally - I feel that this theme would give me the opportunity to present Lisbon from my personal point of view while also giving an opportunity to show the audience a new interpretation of already recognisable places and scenes.

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