[PROPOSAL] SoundSplash (DJ DAO x DAORecords)

DJ DAO has partnered with the DAOrecords on their Metaverse event series - SoundSplash. Thanks to that, DAOrecords launches their main alpha product called FonoRoot, which is an AudioNFT launchpad build on NEAR.

SoundSplash parties are being supported not only by the DJs from the DJ DAO, but also by the DJs onboarded by DAOrecords’ A&R from all over the world.

DJ DAO sees a perfect opporunity to be a hub for the new members, invite them to the DAO and present more opportunieties arround NEAR itself.

With that being said, we would like to support every DJ, who is going to play a live set for an hour at least, at the SoundSplash party.

The SoundSplash will be hosted every Wednesday, at SoundSplashSpace, starting on the 8th of June, finishing on the 27th of July. During that time, 8 DJs will play their sets live, and will be onboarded to the DJ DAO.

DJ Roster and IG handles:

  1. Dj Lethal Skillz @djlethalskillz
  2. Trufio @seekdatruf
  3. Jahwise
  4. KYH DJ
  5. DJ IRIE @iandiworldparties)
  6. Weed & Fyah @djweedandfyah_
  7. NIX IG @NineteenNinetyNix
  8. DJ Teezy @teezyindo


Total funds requested: $1200 (228.1N) - [$150 per DJ]