[APPROVED] Payout to the DJs from DJ DAO for the SoundSplash Party | May-22

NOTE: Updated 06-06-22

In May-22 DAOrecords managed to run 4 successful events in the Metaverse, connected with Audio NFTs drops via FonoRoot - DAOrecords product.

Events were supported by DJs from DJ DAO, based on the following list:

The DJ sets were streamed on DAOrecords’ Twitch.

Payouts will be done by daorecords.sputnik-dao.near to the DJs above ($100 per DJ).

Requesting $400 from DJ DAO.

Payout: $400
Target: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near


Hey @Paul just to let you know, we replaced DJ DP ONE with DJ Bo. He has a Near wallet already.

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@paul just to correct a typo on thuli thulz the wallet I created for him is thulithulz.near


All updated! :ok_hand:

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Payouts requested created, waiting for approval by the council:


Looks good! We will include this in the DJ DAO June 2022 budget proposal.

Payout will be made to target: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near (pending approval of this month’s budget)

Edit: upon further discussion with the dj dao council we have found that this proposal may bot be included in the budget due to the guidelines for funding via the creatives council.