[PROPOSAL] Sound as a Medium - Soundsystem Culture and Community building through Sound Workshops

One of the main attributes of Gruta involvement in the creatives industry will always be music. Those sounds played through speakers or instruments that to develop connections between people and mesmerize audiences.

We want to develop this further, with one of our main focus and well proven and tested method since the 40’s and 50’s in Jamaica. Soundsystem culture and real music sharing happenings.

Sound has always created connection, because we are sharing opinions, knowledge and enabling people to forward that to the future, by their own and spread even more this knowledge. This is the way we want to go has Gruta with our involvement in sound as a project.

We want to test this with Web 3.0 in mind, since decentralization and enabling communities is one of the greatest strenghts of this technologies, while onboarding and connecting audiences.

So we propose a series of open Soundsystem and Sound workshops that will enable communities and give them the knowledge needed to work further their own projects, giving them a well needed and deserved emancipation.

We plan to divide this workshops in the following:

  1. Soundsystem Basic Knowledge
  2. Music and sound connected
  3. Stage Pratices and Methods
  4. Maintenance and Repairing
  5. DIY and Professional approaches to Sound
  6. Web 3.0 NFT as proof of learnings, crypto as new cryptocurrencies, and more.

These teachings will create connection, trust and sharing possibilites between all the participants. Also making them able to market themselves with basic knowledge to the creatives industries involving sound and music. Once more enabling their future and their communities future.

We will be doing this workshops with a few ideas, that we developed to empower these concepts using Web 3.0.

  • Onboard users to the NEAR ecosystem, with wallet creation and ecosystem demonstration.
  • NFT creation for proof of attending the workshop and certification of learning.
  • Cryptocurrencies as currencies introducing a new decentralization with services creation in the sound and music industry.
  • DAOs, communities and empowerment via Web 3.0.


Description Budget Target Person/Wallet
Material needed for Workshops $500,00 Gruta.near
Workshops Planning and Preparing $150,00 Jonny Kadaver - kadaver.near
Mee_k - mee_k.near
Tiago Rosário - rosario.near
Production Work $150,00 Tiago Rosário - rosario.near
Communication $50,00 Gruta Production - gruta.near
3 Coordinators x 3h Workshop Weekly for 1 Month → (3 x 3h x 4 weeks) x 12 $ / h $432,00 Jonny Kadaver - kadaver.near
Mee_k - mee_k.near
Tiago Rosário - rosario.near
Venue Renting $150,00 A Casa do Burrikórnio -acasadoburrikornio.near
On boarding and Airdrop Wallets $50,00 gruta.near
Total $1482,00

Total Funding Requested: 1482$

The materials will be updated with the full list, respective items and their prices with reciepts of everything.

For now we will be buying the following list.

  • Cables TRS-TRS
  • Cables XLR-TRS
  • Cables XLR-XRL
  • Cable RCA-TRS
  • Soldering Wire and Soldering Iron
  • Electronic Parts for connecting sound equipment and protecting them
  • Energy and Electric sockets, wire, connections and tools.

We will be using also a lot of our own soundsystem, equipments and gear for this workshops for free while teaching everyone.

Any doubts on this please ask!