[REPORT] Jan-Apr Shitzu DAO reoort


Shitzu DAO continues its commitment to rewarding the NEAR community for promoting the NEAR ecosystem. This report details our activities and funding distribution in from Jan - Mar 2024.
As usual, Shitzu DAO continues to reward the community for promoting the entire NEAR eco. We received partial funding from the MDAO in March.

Community Rewards:

-Tweet Amplification & Creation: We rewarded community members for creating and amplifying NEAR-related tweets. Details and specific instances can be found in the Shitzu_Community Telegram channel:

Links to relevant Telegram

Total NEAR Equivalent Rewarded 100N (at current prices)-Additional Rewards: We distributed a further 100N to the community through various initiatives:
-50N for

Links to Telegram
-50N for

New Initiatives:

  • ShitzuTasks Telegram Channel: Launched in March, this channel provides a dedicated space for community tasks and reward tracking.

  • Tipping Shitzu Bot: Implemented within the ShitzuTasks channel, the bot facilitates transparent reward distribution. Over 150N has been distributed to the community since its launch.
    Crossword puzzles - Two CW proposals were approved and awarded a total of 60N.

Additional Projects:

  • Shitzu Token Farm
  • Shitzu RPC Services
  • Shitzu Revival NF Release


Shitzu DAO remains dedicated to fostering a vibrant NEAR community through ongoing rewards and development initiatives. We look forward to further growth and collaboration within the NEAR ecosystem.

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