[REPORT] Shitzu Community DAO NFT funding report feb-May


We’ve been thrilled with the response since our successful NFT launch on Bodega Market! Selling out in under an hour brought back the excitement of the early NFT days.

Thanks in part to the NFT DAO grant, we’ve been able to incorporate several innovative features that make our collection truly unique in the crypto space. While integrating LPs directly into the NFT is proving more complex than initially anticipated, we haven’t slowed down. We’ve developed some exciting alternative ways to fulfill our promise of rewarding NFT holders:

  • Weekly Tweet Amplification: Get your message seen by the Crypto Twitter community with a weekly amplified tweet of your choice!
  • Double Rewards on Shitzu Tasks: Earn double the rewards when completing tasks on our Shitzu task channel.
  • Staking Rewards: Hold onto your NFTs and receive additional rewards by staking them on our validator.

The future looks bright! We’re planning to gradually increase rewards for active NFT holders based on their experience and participation on the platform.

You can learn more about all these activities on our Shitzu Tasks channel: @ShitzuTasks