[Proposal] Rhyme Schemes for July 2022

Rhyme Schemes For July, 2022

Last month was the first run of the event and it witnessed massive response from members of the ecosystem.

This month also promises to be interesting and engaging.

This is a poetry bounty where poets demonstrate their use of words to form rhyme schemes and for the purpose of communicating their messages to the readers.

Poem: 16 lines poem
Topic: Water is Life
Duration: 8th July to 25th July

Method of Submission:

Contestants are supposed to submit google drive links of their entries. No poem should be posted under this bounty.

Only Google drive links are accepted and the file formats can either be Word or PDF. The maximum size for any submission is 200kb

Prizes: 25usd for the best 18 Poems (450usd)
Graphics: 100usd

Total: 550usd.

Thank you


How does this get NEAR closer to 1 billion users?


Hi Big M,

While we hope to run this contest in July, the council would like to see a few changes to your proposal.

We feel that our community needs to remain relevant in the web3 environment and we would like to allow submissions that are not limited to a specific structure.

The theme you have chosen “Water is Life” works.

Take a look at some of the other bounties we have run and the instructions we have given for how contestants can submit their work on the forum. It is good to specify what type of file or link is acceptable, the maximum file size, etc.

Keeping in mind that our guild must be seen to show good stewardship of funds - we would like to know what type of graphic will be created and how that graphic will be shared within the community. For a singular graphic creation, $100 USD is high. We can budget for this amount, but need to know that the graphic will be seen by many as to aid in our onboarding efforts. Could you please outline some work that you will do to share news of this contest.

Looking forward to a smooth second month of Rhyme Schemes!

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Thank you for your response.

I will remove the limitation on structure and allow for all poems to be submitted. I did this to make sure that contestants stick to a particular structure to avoid confusion.

Also, I will give specific instructions on how they can submit, file formats and sizes of files.

As regards graphics, I intended to make use of the first month’s graphics for subsequent events but i was advised to make the bounty rewards go round about 15 to 20 contestants instead of just 3 and also to remove the hosting reward and justs receive only payment for the graphics.

You can however suggest what cost is appropriate for the graphics.

Also regarding sharing, the links will be posted on all the DAOs that i belong to in other for people to be aware of the bounty just like i did last month and we had an amazing turn out of about 30 contestants.

I hope we can get even more contestants this time around.

Thank you Ashley.