The REVERSE ART Series is to be a collection of videos that capture an artistic expression in a way that the lines between past, present and future get blurred.

The idea is to capture specific artistic expressions in a way that the forward and backward movements are indistinguishable and are manifested interchangeably in the space-time matrix. This will create an aesthetically developed environment where we share with the viewer a space for inquiry regarding the possible illusion of time.

The cinematography will be visually mesmerizing and carefully adapted to each video in terms of light, movement, framing, rhythm etc becoming one more part of the holistic artistic movement.


We will be exploring a dancing performance on top of a beautiful viewpoint. We will carefully work on a choreography to make the movements realistically indistinguishable whether we play the video forward or backward.

The narrative will contemplate the progression forward towards a supposed final objective but when we get there with the same realism the dancer will start moving backwards towards the starting point that might be the real final destination. We will convey the sensation of circularity and that the final destination might not even exist and we are left with the present moment as a permanent final destination.

REVERSE ART - Part I - Materialization

It will be a video not only to be shared in the NEAR community multi-platform environments that are connected with artistic movements.

In parallel a NFT will be created from this video contributing for the NEAR artistic ecosystem.

REVERSE ART - Part I - Budget

To pay the equipment and talents involved in the project we need:


  1. Talents:
  • Videographer - @cosmiclobo - 1 Day - 150 USD
  • Image Assistant - @roadworks - 1 Day - 150 USD
  • Dancer - Generic - 1 Day - 150 USD
  1. Equipment:
  • Gimbal DJI RS2 - 1 Day - 50 USD
  • Sony A7SIII - 1 Day - 170 USD
  • External Monitor - 1 Day - 30 USD
  • Lens Sony 24-70mm f2.8 - 50 USD
  1. Extra Expenses
  • Props - 50 USD
  • Travel Expenses - 50 USD
  • Food Expenses (3 people) - 50 USD


  • Editor - [cosmiclobo] - 1 Day - 150 USD
  • Color-Grader - [cosmiclobo] - 1 Day - 150 USD

Total: 1200 USD


Tiago Lobo - @cosmiclobo

Tiago Lobo is a Portuguese/Swedish filmmaker and photographer with 6+ years of experience in commercial, fashion and institutional films. Recently he created his own project, Tribe Films, as a way to contribute to the new cultural and artistic paradigm that is emerging in our society.

He is very happy to have recently joined the NEAR community through the LENS DAO and to be a part of this ecosystem.

Christopher Michael - @roadworks

Christopher Michael Heisler has professional experience as a designer, photographer and filmmaker in a variety of marketing teams. He is today running his own film & photography studio (CAMCAT - Film Production) with solid lighting and camera / lens equipment. In his recent past he has already produced numerous videos for a variety of DAOs (muti, Arroz Criativos, Graffiti DAO), mainly live recordings of events, cut-together and interviews.

Previous Work:

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  • Location Scouting Done
  • Equipment and Rental Expenses paid out
  • Shooting day 3rd June

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  • Video Shot on the 5th June.

  • Payout done for the working day to the Dancer (@chinyere.near) , Assistant (@roadworks ) and Videographer (@cosmiclobo ).

  • In Post-Production Phase

I am proud to finally present to you the Reverse Art - I.

A dance playing with reverse and forward movements.

Hope you guys enjoy.