[Proposal] Residency at k.format / documenta15 - August - Lenara Verle

I am proposing the following activities to be performed during my stay with the MotionDAO residency at k.format gallery for August (4-9 August 2022):

On-boarding workshop and POAP token.

The proof of attendance token will be used as a way to onboard up to 100 wallets during the documenta15 art fair in Kassel.

After creating the wallet, the visitors to k.format gallery can then attend a workshop to learn about NEAR and NFTs.

The tasks to be performed are:


  • Create design for Proof of Attendance token
  • Deploy and manage campaign for 100 NFTs claims
  • Design poster for display in the venue - to be displayed during MotionDAO residency August 3-10 and beyond while documenta15 is taking place, at the discretion of the gallery
  • Collect and share stats about wallets created

On-boarding workshop:

A workshop is scheduled for the first day of the residency, plus “info-desk” style hours in the following days, where people can be guided to do a self paced workshop.

  • compile links to didactic materials to be used in support for the workshop.
  • Publish link compilation and create poster with QR code
  • Guide participants during workshop and info-desk sessions.

Workshop: Currency Lab board game

Besides the On-boarding workshop and POAP, I will also offer a guided session featuring a game-led discussion about alternative currencies, including cryptocurrency and blockchain and their relation to the local and global economy.

  • Preparation and setup
  • Guided session (90 minutes)
  • Documentation (photos and videos)
  • Article write up and publishing

For the activities above I would like to request an incentive from MotionDAO of 500 USD, broken down as following:

  • POAP: 100 USD
  • Onboarding Workshop: 200 USD
  • Guided Game Session: 200 USD

Total Funds Requested - 500 USD


This is a great idea! Do you have the game already created? I notice that these dates have already passed - was this able to be realized?

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Yes I’ve designed the board game a few years ago and I have been doing workshops about it at various venues:

I am now in the process of writing the blog post about this one that happened last week.

Meanwhile here are some pictures from Kassel:

Here is the report for this activity: