[proposal] reggaedao near mixtape live event 11/may/2022

Reggaedao Cameroon Live Event
Timeframe: 05/11/2022

Once again, the entire Reggaedao family wishes to appreciate the rulling council of this ecoystem for their usual guidance and continuous support.

As part of the activities scheduled by Reggaedao for the month of may, we are putting accross a proposal for a Reggaedao Cameroon Live Event.

This event is to further bring people into the ecosystem through the use of live music and also part of community outreach program meant to also bring people in through the use of local artistes who perfom that night.

As part of the activities planned for the event, we have scheduled celebration of Bob Marley (Bob Nesta Marley Day), which will be supported by local artistes after which they will be onboarded into the ecosystem to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Also, we are going to showcase the pre recorded videos of participants in the just concluded Reggaedao mixtape to the Cameroon community.

The goal of this event is to bring people together, enjoy music live and most important on board as many people that night into the ecosystem through music, Near Educational speeches and demonstrations.

The following are the artistes performing that night.


We request a total amount of 1000usd which will be spent thus:

Event Ground: 100usd
Dj and Live Set: 200usd
Refreshments: 100usd
Posters and Flyers: 100usd
Performing Artistes (4): 400usd
Social Media Campaigns: 50usd
Near for on boarding: 50usd

Total Requested Amount: 1000usd

.King Jaica





.RAS Preacher man

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@Jahzonemusician @BigM007

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Hello @Jahzonemusician the above calculations do not add up and are not very clear. Could you clarify please. thanks!

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Ok I will do just that

thanks for clarifying. will these artists be onboarded as part of this event or the onboarding is for attendees?

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Both artist will be onboarded and we will be using this opportunity to onbaod attendance also, as part of the event ONBOARDIN

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