[PROPOSAL] RC-DAO July, August and September Budget


Regional communities are essential to the NEAR Ecosystem because they allow local developers, builders, and enthusiasts to connect and collaborate. These communities help to foster a sense of community and belonging, and they can also be an excellent resource for learning about the NEAR Ecosystem and getting involved in the ecosystem.

Regional communities also play an essential role in helping to spread the word about the NEAR Ecosystem and its potential. By organising events, meetups, and hackathons, regional communities can help to introduce new people to the NEAR Ecosystem and its benefits.

Overall, regional communities are an essential part of the NEAR Ecosystem ecosystem. They help to build a strong and vibrant community around the protocol, and they play a crucial role in spreading the word about NEAR and its potential.

The Regional Community Working Group, as a part of the Marketing DAO constellation (NDC v0) , has been able to achieve a milestone, as mentioned in this post [REPORT] RCWG Reports for April-June

Given the number of communities we have under the RC-DAO (REGIONAL COMMUNITIES TRACKING SHEET - Google Sheets ) so far and focusing on these (RC-DAO KPIs - Google Docs ) activities as what can be funded, we propose a $30K Monthly fund from the Marketing DAO, which serves as the significant support at this time for the RC-DAO until V1 of the DAO comes live.


Admins: Admins oversee the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the DAO. Support and Oversight.

RCDao Admin Structure

• Governance, Partnerships, and Strategy(Ola )

• RC DAO champion, Community Relations (Igboze)

• Operations and Project Management( Bakaka)

• Education and Developer Relations (James)

• Administrator/ Community Manager (Yuen )

– Governance and Strategy:

• Build, Manage and oversee Governance Framework

• Develop and oversee strategies that aid in Regional Communities Growth

• Overseas, manages and Develop Partnerships in and out of the dao and Larger Near Ecosystem

• Develop and manage Community Outreach programs and governance that aid partnerships, collaborations and onboarding new members into the ecosystem

• Manage RCdao Charter and Framework

– RC Community Relations and Activities:

• Overseas and Manage relations between all community leaders and Regional Hubs.

• Set Goals and Strategies for Regional hubs and Regional Community

• Overseas and managed Community Marketing

• Oversees and Manage Community Media and Social Media structures and guidelines. E.g. News stream, Dashboard, Guidelines,

• Set guidelines to onboard new regional community DAOs.

• Provide Support to Regional Communities/DAOs

– Operations and Project Management

• Oversee and Manage RCdao Projects and Calendar

• Oversee Admin Operations and Direct Tasks

• Manage and Community Organise Trello and Dashboard

• Oversee and manage Special projects

– Education and Dev Relations

• Build and Manage Educational Programs for the Ecosystem

• Manage Developer relations in the Ecosystem

• Develop and manage strategies to engage and increase developer engagement with BOS and other ecosystem tools

• Develop developer programs that onboard new developers and incentivise developers to build on the Ecosystem.

• Develop Educational Content and Curriculum that Regional Communities use and can be translated into different Languages

– Administrator and Activity Management:

• Overseas and manages RC Meetings and Minutes

• Overseas and manage all RC Community Channels and community activities

• Manage and oversee Community Proposals Request

• Manage and Moderate information being passed out to the community

• Operational Budget

4 admins ($1500 a month)

TOTAL: $6k

Budget for July 2023

RC DAO (in Marketing DAO constellation v0) July 2023
RCDAO governance
Remuneration For RCWG Core Contributors For June 2023 [Approved] Renumeration For RCWG Core Contributors For June, 2023 $9,000.00
TOTAL $9,000.00

The projected budget for August and September 2023

RC DAO (in Marketing DAO constellation v0) August 2023
RCDAO governance
Remumeration for 4 admins $6000.00
RCDAO grants
Education (Workshops, Developer training, Practical guides around projects) $7,500.00
BOS component / Near Social (RC’s bOS widgets, Bounty for the community, widgets events, Near social contests) $13,500.00
Onboarding (Activation events for new users, use of neardrops, keyporm etc.) $3,000.00
TOTAL $30,000.00
RC DAO (in Marketing DAO constellation v0) September 2023
RCDAO governance
Remuneration for 4 admins $6000.00
RCDAO grants
Education (Workshops, Developer training, Practical guides around projects) $7,500.00
BOS component / Near Social (RC’s bOS widgets, Bounty for the community, widgets events, Near social contests) $13,500.00
Onboarding (Activation events for new users, use of neardrops, keyporm etc.) $3,000.00
TOTAL $30,000.00


  3. ONBOARDING AND ON-CHAIN ACTIVITIES (IamHuman, near. social, )

This means no activity outside of this will be funded. This, however, does not negate the use of social media platforms to amplify or engage community members.


  1. Increase on-chain transactions from Regional Communities by 50% monthly
  2. Increase the number of active near social accounts from regional communities by 50% monthly
  3. Increase lines of codes on bOS
  4. Increase IamHuman numbers by 20% monthly.

Target wallet: rc-dao.sputnik-dao.near

starting @marketingdao-council @Dacha

Thanks for all support so far


Hi, can you tell us more about what you are doing to do for Education Purpose and BOS component because around 20k $ is a big budget for this kind of things.

Moreover, i suppose Yen is already paid by NDC Mods why he got 1500$ every Month for RC-DAO ?

What are your KPI ?

If you read correctly, the requested funds are for Regional Communities. This is the total funds that RC-DAO will be distributing to Communities.

Know that Yuen is an Admin, and his roles with RC-DAO are different.


I won’t be asking for remunerations for the admin work ill be doing for the RCWG during Q3 since I’ve 2 roles in the NDC which are GWG master scheduler and RCWG admin. I’ll be working for free during the Q3 term as an admin in the RCWG while helping the RCWG community and with their processes.


Thanks for clarification. Your funds will be issued to RCs then.


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@marketingdao-council @Dacha we have corrected the proposal by adding @Yuen’s supposed renumeration to the BOS community building section.

Thank you, this is why i asked.